There are many journeys in life that we take. This is especially true for those that delve deep into the spiritual world, the Other as it is called in some beliefs. Yet it is the spiritual journey that can be the most rewarding throughout our life.

Astral Anthropology is about a personal journey through time and the astral. It’s learning what is beyond our physical plane of existence and reaching out through our universe and beyond. It’s experiencing new cultures and civilizations of those that reside on the astral planes, the spiritual worlds that exist around us and outside of us.

There is much to learn from exploring the wide astral spiritual world. That is exactly what this blog will encompass, my journey through these amazing worlds, learning new cultures and magics, and even finding new depth to my own path through companionship.

The entrance or exit of a cave formed in limestone in a Maltese valley. Coming out of the cave to a cloudy day. Ghar il-Buz, Birzebbuga, Malta


Explore the Unknown

There is so much to see and so much to learn. One thing that I have learned in the time that I have been exploring, is that there is always more to see and experience. So go on.

Explore the spiritual world through my eyes.


Places to Explore...

My name is Ysabeau, though in most cases you’ll find that I go by Ysa. I’ve been in the spiritual world since I was a child, but it took off in my late teens and early twenties when I began to explore beyond the physical. Since then, it’s been over a decade of me exploring the Astral or the Spiritual World. My path is one that goes all over the place since I tend to follow where I am being led. For many years, I spent a vast majority of my time learning new cultures, races/civilizations, and collecting knowledge of magic and spiritual workings. 

I chose the name Astral Anthropologist many years ago. It actually came about from a previous friend because I was studying my degree in Anthropology at that point. So they dubbed me the Astral Anthropologist due to the fact that I was know on a blogging platform for working with spirit, entities, etc that I had come across on my astral travels. It was agreed that it was a suited title for me. It has been many years since I have have thought of the title or even the blog I created just for that exploration.

You can read the old blog here for nostalgia if you’d like. 

Things changed from these old times to where I am now. Vast changes that had me leaving that title long behind. Through the newest explorations of myself and my path… this blog was reborn again to foster that part of my path that I had stepped away from. In fact, this blog is Demon Creativity to the max, because they felt I needed to reclaim a part of my path.

Starting anew, but with the knowledge of the past to pave the foundations… I begin again.


Recent Wanderings & Teachings