One thing that is prevalent within my path is that I feel drawn to teach what I know or learn. A lot of my work is personal and I post mainly personal experiences, but along the way, I also learn many things.

On this page, there will be sections dedicated to the posts that are informational in some manner. Some will be focused on patchwork and others will be general things on spirituality. Of course, all of this is based upon the experiences that I have gathered through the years and turning it into informational posts so that others can learn too.

Dialogue on Spirituality

It is important that we have discussions (dialogue) about things within spirituality. Spirituality can be defined in many different ways and have many facets to it. There are things within spirituality that are considered to be foundational or informational and there are aspects that are considered to be hotly debated. This section will be a mixture of many topics that involve spirituality as a whole or a specific instance within different spiritual practices or beliefs.

photo of forest with fog

Bones are the Foundation

I had decided that I wanted to learn more about bones and working with osteomancy. It was a mere thought, yet it led me to be yanked into the Astral to meet wi ...

Exploring Pathwork

A big part of my own pathwork is to teach what I have learned over the years. In particular, this comes to the Shamanic work with plants, animals, and bones. That also includes my working with crystals and other areas that fascinate me. The second larger part of my path is teaching those who want to know about Astral Travel. From the beginning to the more advanced topics, this is another area that will be explored in-depth for those to learn about.


Working with Crystals

Shamanic Pathwork

Astral Travel