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Speaking with Bones

Osteomancy is known as the divination of bones. But it is more than that. It is the connection to the spirits of those bones to hear their wisdom. The spirits within them have messages that can help you to understand a situation or a question better. They have deep wisdom that comes from being alive at one point and then living among the dead. Every set is going to have it's own personality. You will connect with the bones differently as individuals and as pairs or the set as a whole. With this, the Osteomancy that I teach and talk about is based around the concept of 'spirit-led' divination. I rely up my belief and my connection with the spirits attached to the bones that give me energetic messages to read. Those that believe and practice Animism will find they connect with this method the best. 

There are a few methods of divination with bones. The top two are the most known - Bone Throwing and Osteomancy. Many get both of these methods mixed or use them interchangeably. But this is not correct. We'll start with Bone Throwing. This is a practice that stems from Root Work. It is the collection of curios and special pieces that bring them together. There can be bones, but it is not limited. As I am not one initiated in Root Work practices, that is as much as I can speak on that topic. The one that I can talk about is what I call Osteomancy. This is a set of bones, claws, teeth, fossils, and other animal parts that have been ethically collected. These are the pieces that have remained behind and have found their way to me. This can be through taking a walk through a forest, through friends gifting me claws, and even finding fossils of bones at the beach. All of this is in accordance with my local laws. That will be a later point that will be discussed.

Below, you can find the videos that were created with Osteomancy learning in mind that were created in 2020 for TikTok. You will also find the blog roll that features posts where I talk about bones or osteomancy. And finally, a section that will contain articles that I write about Osteomancy.

Osteomancy 101

This section focuses on the basics of understanding the what Osteomancy is. All of these are articles written for informational purposes of teaching about how to begin working with bones and more.

Osteomancy Thoughts

In this section, which is a follow-up to the first section, I will talk about my experiences with bones. It can be times of finding them, lessons from working with them and lessons from working with Necrosis Demons that specialize in working with bones. These are more personal-driven gnosis.

Necrosis, Osteomancy, and the Language of Bones


Recent Posts

These are the most recent posts if you are interested in just reading those. If you want to read specific or in order, check the above links as they are in order of posting.

Video Series on Osteomancy

This is the section where you can watch the videos that I took back in 2020 on the topic of Osteomancy. These are showing off my own personal set and information about bones in general.