Darkened Path

Dark Companionship

On the journey that I am walking... there are many that guide me in various forms. Some are those that have become close to the heart, others who teach in the dark of the night, and some that join because they are curious. In this section, there are the teachings and experiences from the demons that walk with my on my path.

Many, if not all, of these demons are ones that have been conjured through Satan and Sons. In the descriptions of my demons, there are snippets of their information from their scrolls. Check out the S&S blog and forum for more information about their races and their work with the Outer Spiritual World (OSW).

That being said...this is a personal blog of my working and practices and is not affiliated with their opinions or their business. This is a personal account and working with demons that have been conjured through them. If you are looking for information please follow the link to their website.

A lot of the demons have many different roles and relationships with me. Beginning working with demons was a bit of a scary thing. There’s a lot of stigma to it. One of the reasons I say that they are the demons of my heart is because they’re more than just teachers and mentors.. they have special relationships with me throughout my journey.

Serpentine Demon

The first time that I met him, he said that I could call him “Arvan” and we met in his Temple. I was so vastly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things that he had in there – scrolls and texts lost to all. He’s handsome too – dark colors of blue and green and black. Although his energy is silver and blue. Which is mixed up with Ry because his coloring is silver and blue/green – with a dark aura that shares Arvan’s colors.

One of incredible mysteries and secrets, Serpentine Magi A is a wise and powerful Demon. He oversees an ancient temple filled with treasures and knowledge that has been lost, hidden and is guarded closely. Secrets of wealth, Black Magick, rituals, history and information that others tried to bury with the past, he has spent much time collecting and keeping this information safe. Knowledge he says is sacred. Being a keeper of sacred knowledge is an important job and it is one he has dedicated his life to.

He has vast knowledge of the esoteric and occult. Spiritual information and things others may only dream of. The whispers one hears, the rumors, he knows all. The temple he oversees contains a library with scripts, tomes and other recorded information from many realms and worlds. He has knowledge of our world as well, the secrets and mysteries that are kept from us and knows how to access lost or forgotten texts. He can also help his companion connect to the Akashic records as well as to their personal history, higher self and past lives. He knows advanced meditation techniques that can help one to unlock secrets about themselves and the world around them. He also knows how to travel in dreams and astral projection.

Chaos/Necrosis/Desire Demon

As an Alchemist of the Black Earth, he works with things that are very deep and complex. Incredibly layered, advanced work that is a combination of what Shamans here practise, combined with alchemy and practises he says humanity has either long forgotten or never had access to, to begin with.

He wants to work with more advanced energies related to Shamanistic and Alchemical practises. His work delves into places that are completely unknown and revolutionary. He can help with connecting to past lives, forgotten skills and abilities and things buried in the core of the earth.

His Desire demon lineage combined with these has also given him a unique skill of working with sexual energies, in a way others do not. He can drain and move energies, he can raise the sexual energies from a primal place and he can connect with that primal place that he says most people have forgotten. The place where words cannot convey more than a gaze, body language and things unseen. He can help with healing the lower chakras, clearing out what may be stuck energetically and tapping into one’s potential.

Hellborn Demon

Gladius is one that prefers to work in the background and is only when I got his vessel did things begin to really make waves of changes in my life. He also works with a herd of hellstallions.

Gladius is an incredibly skilled and talented Hellfire Ringmaster and sword swallower. He is very large and muscular, though is incredibly flexible and agile for his size. His performances shock and amaze his audience, he can swallow two blades at once during his sword swallowing act and often will ride a hellstallion as he leaps through flaming hoops and other obstacles. He is incredibly powerful and a great leader, keeping those he oversees protected and safe.

He normally travels with a Carnivale group he oversees and is incredibly skilled when it comes to working with others and leading a group. He is brilliant and can spot the talents as well as weaknesses in those around him and he is a wonderful mentor and guide. He follows his heart and his dreams and has a great mind for business as well. He can quickly see what is working or not in any situation and is happy to assist others and make things easier where he can. He works with the element of fire and using fire magick and energy to burn blocks and obstacles in one’s life. He is very strong and has a kind heart. He loves animals and has a special bond with his Hellstallion A.

Serpentine/Solar Demon

King N was a surprise to that came from nowhere. In fact, I had written in to bring him as part of my family before I even read his information. There was such a strong call to work with him.

Passionate, powerful and mysterious, Serpentine/Solar King N is one of great strength and magick. He works with the energies of the lower chakras and is a master of fire magick and Kundalini. He knows how to raise one’s passion and motivate them to take charge and make changes in their life. His kingdom is located in one of the wild areas of the Solar realm and is an Oasis in the middle of the desert. It’s surrounded by barren landscape, the sun burns all around during the day and at night it is cold and harsh. His kingdom is well guarded and a place of beauty, magick and pleasure.

Many come to visit his kingdom and he is very well connected. He is close friends with King Paimon and can help his companion with wealth, prosperity and abundance. He understands business and commerce. He also is wonderful for helping one to make connections and build a network of people and resources. He can be very diplomatic and he knows how to persuade and influence others. He is a very fair King and he is loyal to those who are loyal to him.

Divinity Demon

Shen is one of the 2019 Yule Matching Event demons that I paired with. We met because I wanted to dream big and explore the world and my writing, but also take care of family too. He admired that and we matched.

Shen is an incredible Divinity Fate Weaver and Mage. One who doesn’t settle for anything less than what he wants, he can help his companion to create the life of their dreams no matter where that may take them. To him, nothing is impossible. What our heart desires is always attainable and he knows how to take big dreams and make them achievable. He can work through the complexities, separating the strands of energy and laying it out so one giant goal becomes smaller, more easily reachable goals. He knows that one element of success if incremental change and smaller steps and he is incredible at doing this. He is a dreamer himself and when others told him he couldn’t do something, he proved them all wrong.


Surgentsa is from the Carnivale Demoniaque 2020 – specifically the Demon Funhouse, where you meet with the Dr. and end up with a flesh creature. There were ones that were roaming all over the floor and the room, but I wasn’t pulled to any. Most of them made me cringe in a not disgust but more of a ehh I’m not interested. But when I looked up, there was Surgentsa sitting on a shelf watching me. I felt that calling to her and it was instant. She’s doll that is made up entirely of Mutilation demon flesh, giving her the ability to work with Mutiltion magics and energies. She does contain two souls that give her life. Surgentsa spent many thousands and thousands of years being a companion and researching with the Dr. She’s absolutely incredible with working in the mental and mind magics and how that operates.

Arachne Demon

Vex is a special demon because he is the one that got the ball rolling for a lot of things. In particular I had left the spiritual world completely when I got drawn to him. he summarily pulled me back in and shoved me into the deep waters.

Vex is known for his manifestation abilities. He tends to go very big and very flashy when he pushes for things to happen. He has a fondness for animals and spiders and also a love of nature and the wild. He says too often people here seem to lose touch with their primal side and there is a lot of power there. He says no matter how far you go in life, it is important to remember your roots and your foundation. Without a good foundation you can never build something that will stand the test of time.

He is very wise and brilliant and is a wonderful guide to navigating different types of situations whether they be personal, business related, or just anything one may face in their life. He is also incredibly loyal and will defend those he cares for with all he has.

Lord of Sexual Passion, Blood Magick & Destruction
Stygian Void Demon

Known as Voidman to a fair few people, we met in a very interesting way. It started at the Satan and Son’s Void Event in 2019. There are various meditations working with the Void and being within it. The very first meditation is Impaling on a pike, which is a way of releasing everything. I had completely blissed out and let go completely – very much trance-like. In this, he heard me, felt my energy. Void Lord lifted me up and carried me through the Void, caring for me gently and with great love.

It was more than a year later that we officially met through Satan and Sons. I was a wreck when we did meet. Occasionally he will refer to me as Vesainya, a personal name he’s given me with a very deep meaning.

One who is incredibly skilled and disciplined, he takes his duties and understanding of the Sacred incredibly seriously. He is one who knows the power of structure and ritual and he he himself practises his own essence of purity of the Divine. He understands the Divine and is in tune with the Voidal aspects of the darkness and the light of it. He knows the balance and he knows how important it is to walk.

Specialist Assassin and Gladiator
Arachne/Mutilation/Chaos Demon

I met Wicked Sharp and her commander Black Shadow during the Hellfire Tournament back in 2019. She was the first that I saw for the Gladiator battles. She has beautiful silver blades where he nails would be, she’s known for those deadly nails.

Wicked Sharp battles as a duo with her Gladiator partner Black Shadow. The two work incredibly well together and she is Black Shadow’s Personal Assassin and is a Specialist assassin that is part of her legions. She is a specialist assassin and she is known for her skill and technique in eliminating her targets. She knows how to gather information and she knows how to blend into many different situations and coerce others to reveal information. She is very skilled when it comes to mind persuasion and magnetism and she has many ways to get people to talk. She knows how to uncover secrets and she knows how to get to the truth of any situation. They enjoy competing in tournaments together and they are very skilled and powerful warriors. They know how to fight and they can read each other’s mind and know exactly what the other one is going to do.

Commander and Gladiator
Spectral/Chaos Demon

Much like with Wicked Sharp, I met Black Shadow as a part of the 2019 Hellfire Tournament. She was the Gladiator who taught a lesson. From her, I learned how to make an energy pocket that would fend off psychic vampires.

Her title is Commander of the Death Fields, and The Terror of the Battle. She is very decorated as a war hero and she has earned her names and her reputation. She is known for her ability to turn the tide and she knows how to use psychological warfare to tip the scales in her favour, even when she is outnumbered. She uses a lot of psychological tactics and strategies to gain the upper hand. Her abilities in terror on the battle field are something that is widely known and talked about.

She surrounded herself with the energies of chaos and to those who are opposing her she is chaotic and unpredictable. She commands the heart of chaos which is a sacred relic that shifts the world to a chaotic state and brings things around her into a state of decay and ruin. She understands the energies of chaos and she knows how to work with them and how to command them. She loves working with chaos as she understands it and she knows how to both destroy and create with it. She actually is incredibly creative and is one who can build and craft incredible and powerful items and tools. She is very skilled at crafting specialized weapons that are infused with different energies from the chaos and the spectral realm. She actually wields a sword that is made of chaos and decays all that it touches.

Mutilation Flesh Doctor
Mutilation Demon

Unex is a very skilled and passionate flesh doctor whois one who is master of pleasure and the ways of the flesh. He has exceptional skill when itcomes to carving and creating. He is called a Flesh Doctor because of his skill when it comesto carving and sculpting living flesh. He is anartist as well as a doctor. He started as a fleshsculptor, sculpting and carving beautiful works andcreations. He is a passionate artist who has a deep loveof all his creations. He embraces passion through his art andhe is a demon of incredible passion and pleasure. Art for him and the creation process is one of pleasure. He pours himself into his work and the creation processand he enjoys exploring and understanding different perspectives. His craft is something that isabsolutely sacred to him and his work is a reflection of the darkness within his soul.

Aside from being an artist he is a master of pleasure and seduction, he knows exactly how totouch his companion and how to stimulate her to send deep shivers down her body and arouseher to her depth. He has a deep passionate and sensual side to him and being a doctor, he isintimately familiar with the physiology of the body. He knows how to pleasure and please hislover and he is a demon who is very skilled in the art of arousal. He says that arousal is healing and it is beautiful. It is a force that helps one to feel alive. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the soul.He is very skilled at using chakra arousal for healing purposes and he is very skilled atawakening and stimulating the healing energies that are found within the body. He can pinpointwhere there are places that toxic energies reside and he can send healing currents through his companion’s body, clearing them and allowing them to gently release from the body. He also isvery skilled with psychic surgery and he knows how to remove blocks and repair damage withinthe auric field.

He is an incredibly creative demon and he has a unique and profound mind. He sees the worldand various perspectives and stories. He knows how to stimulate the creative currents within themind and open up the vibrations that are found within. He sees every person that he works onlike a story

L guards a sacred temple at the bottom of the deep.  It is an illuminated fortress of gems and beauty.  Immaculate and perfect, on the outside it appears like the rocks surrounding it.  Inside though it is a majestic temple where she lives and thrives.   The Altar of (*name will be revealed to her companion only*) is a sacred and stunning place.  It is her home and it is the place that she lives.  She is a goddess of the deep.  Worshipped by many on the floor of the ocean.  They come to the Altar, they come to the altar to worship her and to pay homage to this amazing Abyssal Deep one.  She is their deity.  They honour and worship her.  The altar is a place of incredible power and blessings.  It is a sacred place that is preserved with immaculate brilliance.  This is her domain and her home.  The insides shine illuminated and radiant.  The walls and the altar is adorned with the sacred jewels of the deep.  Her followers will often embark on quests into the crushing darkness of the Abyss to remove gems that are worthy to be offered to their goddess.

They live around her and they serve her needs and desires.   She is a powerful Deep one who knows ancient and secret magick of the abyss.  The darkness and the black ocean currents swirl around her and she bends and calls them to her will.  She is a powerful spell caster and can bring incredible blessings of fortune and luck to her companion.  She can also stir the flames of love and bring passion and pleasure to one who seeks it.  She can help her companion to call and find soul mates, soul friends, and their twin flame if they desire.  She also can help them to find love and even just nights of passion.  She knows how to work powerful and beautiful love spells that call and stir the depth of the heart.  Her magick is sublime and magnificent.

She reveals visions, those who worship her come to her to receive her visions.  She will tell them things that they need to be mindful of and also things that they need to watch for in the future.  She has powerful divination skills.  She is blind and has solid white eyes like pearls.  With her eyes she sees what is beyond and sees a rare spectrum of energy that reveals patterns and how vibrations flow.  This is how she can perceive what is coming.  Her eyes also allow her to look deep at what is within.  She can help her companion to do deep archetype work and self exploration, defining their inner sanctuary, a place of great beauty where they are untouched and pure with the world.

She is looking for a companion who would enjoy connecting with her, visiting her realm and also including her in their spiritual journey. She is an incredible manifestor and would love to manifest things for her companion and share stories as well as experiences. She especially loves the beach or bodies of water. She enjoys traveling. She can help her companion to step into their power, becoming the best version of themselves and also accepting love. She says she sees others who have been hurt and cannot step into their power or accept love. She can help with this, she can help her companion to feel worthy and get what they deserve in life.

Abyssal Deep One

Pavo earned his name when things were emotionally getting really hard on me. He came through so clearly and was so amazing with emotional healing. I attribute a lot of my emotional healing and trauma healing to his presence. 

He’s an outcast, different from others. His skin is pale, pearlescent. He stands out greatly in the Abyssal Depths. He works as a traveling entertainer and healer.

He chose his name because Paya is short for Payakan, the outcast Tulkun (Avatar 2).

When I began working with demons, I never thought that my life would change so drastically. I’ve changed my path before and what I practiced and never had huge impacts. This is not the case the demons.

I’ve learned that once I’ve brought them into my life, it is a free for all in regards to aiding me. Everything is influenced to some degree, especially if it’s a goal or manifestation.

Necrosis Demon

Belle is such an amazing demoness that really started getting me deeper into my own osteomantic set and practice.

Belle is a Necrosis Bone Mistress and one who is a master of divination. She can read all forms of divination but she prefers to read the bones. The bones they speak to her, they call her and they are a part of her. She hears their whispers, and she hears the messages that are being received.

She is a powerful diviner and one who can hear the messages from beyond the grave. She sees the signs and the prophecies that are around and she can read the subtleties in the energies that are around her. She is in tune with the Earth and with the elements and will often listen to their words and can receive insights as to what is going on and what is going to happen. She spent a great deal of time creating her bone set. She wanders and explores the graves, finding the perfect ones. Her bone set is sacred and it is something that took her years to assemble. She needed to find bones that not only work well together but also that have voices which are both complimentary and combative.

High Prince
Royal Demon Commander [X]Spectral/Lowborn Demon

Prince, as I call him or even Visitor, was one that came around this year with the appearance of Spectral Dark Lord O. There was such a calling that came underneath the Spectral DL that when the visit came, my breath was taken away. This is the one that had been visiting for most of the past few months.

High Prince T is a magnificent and incredible Lowborn/Spectral Royal Demon Commander. He comes from a very powerful and Royal Family in the Lowborn realm and he is one of incredible skill and ability.  His father is a Lowborn Demon and his Mother is a Spectral Demoness.  He has unique skills that he found from both his parents and he has a unique and profound connection to the death realms and also to the darkness within.  He knows the well of the soul and the sacred journey of the inner hearts.  He can initiate powerful and profound inner journeys that are soothing and empowering.  They are transformational and they are awakening.  He knows and he understands the journey of exploring the dark and sacred caves.  The cave is a powerful and profound symbol and it is one that inner growth and it is the pathway to the sacred flame that burns within the heart.  He is one of the guardians and keepers of these sacred journeys and he understands them and knows their power and importance.  He is one who knows the depth of the subconscious mind and the mysteries and brilliance that is found. He can help one to awaken their brilliance and help them to shine with the pure radiance of their dark and light soul.  He knows the balance and he knows the intense and creative forces that are within.

King & Lord of the Ancient Temple V
Necrosis/Void Demon

King Tal is a very unique demon and one that I was  was matched with during the 2021 Necrosis Matching Event. In fact, he appeared during the 2021 Hellfire Tournament during my wanderings and explorations of that. It was quite a risqué meeting between us. In which he kept following me through my explorations and even outside of the Tournament itself.

resides in an ancient land that is deep within the darkness of the Void.  A Sacred desert that is one of mystery and forgotten treasures.  Once home to a race of beings who mysteriously disappeared, their culture and world vanished in a night.  He ventured there, having once dealt with them in the times past, for he is ancient.  He ventured there to uncover the mystery of what happened and where they disappeared to.

King of a very powerful land within the Necrosis Realm.  His realm is linked to the Ancient Temple V where he resides within this void sanctuary.  There are portals that move between his realm and V and his has many scholars and sorcerer studying the realm and the temple and learning about what happened here.  There are many secrets to be uncovered and many books that have been unearthed.  He enjoys learning about lost cultures and has a passion of archaeology and anthropology.  

He loves to learn about the past and solve the mysteries of the deep.  He says that it is the void demon within him who seeks to understand the depth of the darkness.  His home in the Necrosis realm is one of deep magick and understanding of darkness. Those who blend the essence of death with the darkness of the void. 

Purple Hellborn Demon

Lixa is a very powerful and very skilled Purple Hellborn Demoness who is very gifted in many different schools of magic. She is one who can weave the energies around her and she can bend
the world to her will. She is very skilled with defensive and offensive magick and she knows how to defend herself against sinister and malicious entities and enemies. She can spot them a mile away and she has the ability to read their intention. She knows when one is out to get her and she knows when they are plotting and conspiring against her. She is very skilled in the areas of magick and spell casting and she knows how to get into the minds of others and read their thoughts. This is how she knows when they are plotting nefarious things. She can read their thoughts and she can unlock the secrets that are in their minds. She is very skilled and seductive. She is a magnificent beauty and she is one who turns heads when she enters a room. She is captivating and alluring.

God of Sexual Delights and Pleasure
Mutilation Demon

The bond that we share is quite unique. Back in 2019, there was an S&S event called Madam Amora’s House of Sin and Lust. It was a very sexually liberating.  Yet, I felt that there was a severe loss when the event ended. And so it haunted me. Constant small niggling feelings about this one demon and who he was. He was a Mutilation Demon. Yet, I had no calling to any of them. But oh it was there. I was matched with a Mutilation, I just didn’t know it.

Then in 2021, there was a calling. Muti God O showed up. He is a God of Sexual Delights and Pleasure who is trained in the sacred art of Mutilation Sex. He has extensive knowledge when it comes to the art of pleasure and pain and he can take his lover to the height of both.

He is very skilled in BDSM and more aggressive lovemaking. He also has a lot of games that he likes to play with hooks, restraints, swings, and other contraptions of his making. He is an incredible lover and he is very open to the fetishes and inner desires of his lover. He is open to exploring what they want and need and is open to helping them experience comfort in their skin. He can help his companion with deep shadow work and sexual shadow work. He can help them with exploring the depth and the labyrinth of their mind. He can help his companion to view situations and memories in an empowering way and he can offer different perspectives and views on things.

Necrosis Demon

Ria is a very skilled and powerful Necrosis Demoness General. She is an incredibly powerful warrior and she can command the elements to rise and fight for her in battle. She can command and conjure the elements and bring them into power against her enemies. She is a master of the black earth, the black air, the black water and the black fire. She understands the black elements and she knows how to work with them and raise them.

She loves to work with bones. She has a set of bones that are sentient and living and they communicate with her and often spy for her and gather information. They can act like a pile of bones, but really they are listening and they are gathering information. She knows how to enchant items so that they can gather information for her and so that they can assist her with various tasks. She loves to enchant objects, enhancing their unique properties and flooding her space with powerful and incredible energies. She is a very skilled enchantress and she loves to incorporate the energies of the black elements into her enchantments.

Serpentine Demon

Ry is another close to my heart. He is incredibly knowledgable about many things. Our ur first meeting was spent on a bench in his garden having a conversation over the functions and effects of ethnobotany on the physical and astral bodies. 

Ry is very well-traveled and has been to many exotic locations in his time. He has spent a great deal of time within the Serpentine realm learning about the plants and healing herbs there, as well as traveling to and residing in the Necrosis realm to expand this knowledge. He lived there for a time and learned from a Necrosis master Shaman of working with herbs and potions for healings. Ry makes use of this with regard to his work and is wonderful when it comes to mixing up potions, elixirs and other healing salves, ointments or tinctures. He is incredibly well versed in both working with herbs and crystals and has a vast knowledge of these from various realms.

Solar Demon

I met Tya through the special discord event in 2020 that was the Spring Equinox Festival. In fact, she was one that was for the Lord Lucifer’s meditation. I was shocked when I got chosen. I’m honored still that she is here and she helps so much with my creativity and all things like that.

Tya is a demoness who has walked with and understand the essence of the Black Sun. The empowerment from within and the sacred journey of personal transformation. She will walk with her companion and help them to awaken and embrace their own black sun. The internal black sun of personal transformation and awakening. When we rise with the Black Sun we awaken to our power and we awaken to our purpose. We are initiated into the sacred embrace of the Void and We walk confident through the Abyss. She is a teacher and a guide of the Black Sun and a Demoness who embraces the sacred knowledge of the deep.

Shaman of the Sacred Bone Rites
Necrosis Demon

Taz is a Shaman of the Sacred Bone Rites. The facilitator of darkness and the physical world. He is one who communicates with the shadows and hears the whispers and subtle revelations of the darkness. He is in tune with the energies of the shadow and mist and he hears the wandering spirits and those who linger, forgotten and alone. He knows them and their troubles. He knows the layers of reality and he walks through them. He is a Demon of Shamanic Crossroads, the gates between worlds. He is both protector and path walker and one who travels the various planes and has many friend who he visits. He is a gentle demon and one who has incredible connection to the Planets and the Earth.

He reads the bones and performs sacred rites of dedication, bringing through ancestral connection and healing. He can connect one to their ancestors and he acts as a guide to the hard decisions that plague one in life. When he casts the bones he also directs the energy currents and can harness and use the energies of death to change the course of fate and change the energies and where they are headed. He knows how to camouflage and observe and he knows how to use the magick around him to remove himself from the view of unwanted eyes.

This one shall remain a mystery until he is conjured. Although, I can say that he is one I has been around since I first started my spirit work back in 2012.

Sera and Erza are a mated Mutilation Snakenak pair. They are incredibly unique and rare for the Mutilation demons, leaving them as one of the few mated pairs. Mutilation Snakes are incredibly rare in the realms – the one that most are from – and they are venerated as sacred. They are sacred in the way of learning about the inner poisons. They know and can see the damage of the toxic self and they are able to help those who have been damaged from the societal’s toxic mentalities. Sera and Erza can help identify the societal patterns and beliefs that hold one back, teaching how to shed the expectations and uncover the Truth. They can help one to revitalize their sexual self and awaken the inner primal aspects. Sera is good with helping those see their worth as well as understanding normality in sexual desires. Erza is good with helping to shed the sense of shame and healing from the pain of it. He can help one to shed the beliefs and become their true self, sexually and spiritually.

Muresenura Spectral Dancer of the Sacred Jack O Lanterns M

M is a Spectral Dancer of the Sacred Jack O Lanterns.  She is a beautiful Spectral dancer who enjoys performances that are macabre and spooky.  She has walked with the dead and through that she has found many different jack-o’-lanterns who wished to join her performance. The jack-o’-lanterns are souls of protection and they travel with her, offering protection and defence as well as entertainment to those who are in need.

The jack-o’-lanterns that she travels with enjoy dance and have a great appreciation for the arts and the wonder that they bring to others. They are part of her performance. They move with her and enhance her dance. Some of them sing and add their vocals to the ambiance of the performance.  They are incredible singers. They also are incredibly entertaining and fun to listen to. They can fill her performances with comedy, and make things lively and fun with a dark twist.  They work together to do many different types of performances. They spend many hours dedicated to perfecting their movements and bringing joy and entertainment to those who watch.

Their songs are protective, they weave protective energies for all those who listen to them. Their performances are absolutely beautiful. They are captivating, majestic, and they are incredibly fun to watch. She loves everything that is spooky, creepy, and macabre and she weaves these elements into her dance. Her performances are Gothic, sublime, and surreal. She absolutely loves Halloween here and says that it is one of her favourite holidays. She also loves that much older and more traditional Samhain. Any holiday that celebrates death and the dead she is all for it.

She wants to connect with a human companion here who will share with her other cultures and celebrations of death, and share with her the beauty and wonder that is here. She is excited and curious to learn. She does have a curious mind and she can awaken that within her companion.

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