Many years ago, I was wandering through different realms when I stumbled into this desert place. It looked like it was right out of a Star Wars movie - Tatooine. In the distance it was bright and shining, so I wandered closer. It was a large silver building buried in the sands. I could hear music and saw that there were places for creatures to be tied to - much like horses in the western times. I walked into this building and found myself in a cantina bar. After years of learning the place and getting to know the barkeep, who since owns a large chunk of the realm, has opened his bar for those who wish to astral travel to it. This section is dedicated to the experiences being there, as well as the directions on how to get there.

The Bar is the usual space for all to go or to find a drink. There are tables around it, but most prefer this option. The owner of the bar is Quorin. He manages the bar and the regions around it. You are able to ask for food upon request. 

Currency is flexible so long as it is recognizable or tradeable in other realms. Ask about your currency that you carry before ordering and you will be directed to either purchase or exchange with another patron that is willing to trade. 

Trabine Bar is located on a transitional realm that has activity on it at all times. It is not just a bar or a place to rest, but it is a hub of activity for those looking for work. In a way, it is very much a Guild, but not official organization. Instead, it is those that want to travel through or those that look for riches.

Quorin is the Owner and Bar Keep. Ask for him when you arrive and he’ll take care of you. Drinks are common and you can ask him to show you a particular one or you can even order food – just be prepared to pay because it may be exotic and that means expensive.

If you choose, there is a private lounge area and meeting spots located around the bar or on another place. The Bar has features of access, of which Quorin can access. It has a few layers that people can dwell on: Private meeting areas and lounges, the main bar, and the Guild bar. There are a few others but those are restricted access for new comers or those that need to pass through discreetly.


Pronounced: trah-bean

There are a few ways in which you can do so.

You can use the name itself and let your mind guide you to it.

Another, you can call upon these little dirt devils. They are tiny brown armadillo creatures that scuttle around, but serves as guides through that particular desert. If you call upon one of those, they can guide you to Trabine Bar. All you do is focus on the name of the bar [Trabine] and ask for a guide to come to you to direct you to it.

These little creatures are called Craeline [kray-lean], which should help in calling one to you. The only ones you should answer or follow are the ones that look like the armadillo. Anything else, you must turn away. Make sure to have your protections up for this.

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 7.08.28 PM


Incredibly durable, these creatures are perfect for use in the arid climate that the Trabine Bar resides in. They are also extremely expensive, which is a recent acquisition of the Trabine to help guide people to and from the Bar.

There are usually one or two near the portal point that most appear in when they arrive to the transitional realm. These creatures can carry up to two average sized humanoid beings.


Always growing, this is a recent picture - late 2020


First thing, when you travel to there, you will come to the desert. It’s hot and it’s very windy there. When you approach the door, knock a pattern.

Each dot [•] is a quick knock.

Safety and Peaceful Passing Through:

•••|••|•|••|•  [wait for a second] •••|••|•|••|•

For Private Bar [ie:meeting someone specific] :

•|•••|••|•••• [wait for a second] •|•••|••|••••

For Regular Bar [For those who are safe to any there, no harm]:


** Just walking into the door will bring you into the bar, just normal, but you will be treated warily. This is because those who use the tapping above will be told by others. This tapping lets those inside know that you have been there and mean no harm, or you were referred there and mean no harm. Those walking in without it are either new or they meant business.

Second, make sure that you have something with you as payment or that you are able to create something from energy. This is their form of payment, although if you work with more high tech areas that use other forms of payment those work as well.

Third, be polite and don’t stare. They are there for peace and for traveling. Most of those in there do not wish for trouble, in fact, may be escaping trouble. Fights will get you killed or banished. They also will bar you from coming back. One last thing, don’t stare at others [it’s rude anyway].

The bartender is willing to answer any questions you have, even for directions [if he knows]. Make sure to be nice with him, he said that he is welcoming those coming in.