Walking the Astral

The Astral World is a vast place of many complexities. It is a place that holds many secrets, knowledge, and realms to explore. Understanding and navigating it can be very difficult.

I am working to help provide extra information and perspective beyond what the Golden Standard™ How-To books that are being touted by mass-produced companies. This guide and the written articles are based upon my personal working within Astral World as well as working with the cultures, knowledge, and spirits that can be found within.

Those familiar with my old work will see some of these posts as very familiar. I have spent many years refining and reworking this information as I've gone through my journey through spirituality and through working in the astral. This also includes the understanding and work within the Outer Spiritual World concept developed by Akelta at Satan and Sons. It is a complex concept that even I truly cannot get into the depths of, though I am aware she is writing a book about these concepts. I will focus on more about experiencing the astral and spirit work rather than the intricacies of how the astral works and leave the beautiful, complex and deep understanding of the workings to those who understand it better. 

Since beginning this series of articles, I have achieved getting a BA degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Religion. My study of focus within my Anthropology studies focused on the Development of Cultures, the Influence of Religion and Belief, Indigenous Cultures/Religions, Shamanic Religions, and Entheology/Entheogenic Studies. All of these have made a huge impact on how I perceive and understand not only the Astral, but the cultures and spirits within it. It has had a huge impact on the writing of this series, as it is not just experiential knowledge but it is also knowledge based on the understanding of human cultures and development of them compared to that of the development of the socio-cultural study of spirits.

Introduction to Astral Work

This section focuses on the basics of understanding the Astral, Astral Travel, and understanding beginning working within the Astral.

Introduction to Walking the Astral Guide

Introduction to the Astral World

Getting Started and Preparation

The Methods of Astral Travel

Dynamics of Astral Work

In this section, which is a followup of the first section, we will discuss topics surrounding working within the astral and how that flows into the physical.

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