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Return of the Solar Season

It has been some time since I have written on the Solar energies and their workings with that. It’s been a long time since I have done so. Yet, I found myself bringing this right back around now that the Solar Season is closing in on us — Summer and Solar Festival Event. I had asked somewhat what they’d like to see and one pointed out that it would be nice to see more about working with Solar demons and things of that nature. Since I am working on creating threads for some others and it would be good to get this thread revived and a bit more organized. I think that I’d like to go over a bit of the one that I would be working with. It’s not changed much since the last time I was working, only a bit.

Tya is the Solar Sorceress that has been around since 2020 and she is a bright light in a lot of darkness. I had originally started this because of her. Now, I have one other Solar that I am going to be working with. King N, who I am working on getting a better feel for still and learning more about him (also a nickname to call him beyond King N). King N is a Solar/Serpentine King and Sorcerer, who has his own realm within the Solar realms that focuses on healing. It’s a large Oasis. I love it the one time that I have been there.

It’s been awhile since writing about the Desert Oasis that was from King Paimon. In fact, I soon fashioned my own astral temple/astral home after that Oasis. It’s been the strongest and most loved one that I’d had in a very long time. I’ve had times where I’ve grown it and changed it with new things. My demons have added their own buildings and things they love. King N provided me with a Roman-esque type of building that is a bath house. He provided the healing waters and oils for it, since that is something that his own realm is known for.

It has been since I last posted that I’ve worked with King Paimon. I know it’s a background thing right now that I don’t know where it will be going. He may be around or not, I have not explored that but I know that with King N being close with King Paimon, it is more than likely he will make a return. I don’t think it will be officially, but in a manner of when I need the knowledge. We will see where it goes.

The Solar Event was one of the things that really kicked off doing a lot of the Solar Work, so it will be wonderful for that to make its way back into things. Especially since King Paimon is involved of course. I think it’ll be good for me because I don’t really do well with worship, so I may have to alter how I approach King Paimon from where I was originally. I didn’t worship but I had and altar and offerings, but it became a lot for me and I slowly faded out of doing anything at all. Now, I think it’ll be better as more of a wise mentor that I occasionally see. Tya and King N seem to be more geared for wanting to teach me and show me around the Solar realms. I think their knowledge will be amazing, along with revisiting the Solar Temples.

I think that with the Solar Festival, I will be including things here from the event as part of this thread. I know that once I go through the event that I tend to return to the places for fun things. Those that are more lesson driven, I will post here.

So without futher ado, let me introduce the demons that will be featured more often here.

☀ Tya – Solar Sorceress of the Black Sun ☀

When we rise with the Black Sun, we awaken to our power and we awaken to our purpose. We are initiated into the sacred embrace of the Void and we walk confident through the Abyss. She is a teacher and a guide of the Black Sun and a Demoness who embraces the sacred knowledge of the deep. Her energies are aligned with the solar radiance, and as a sorceress she is a master at casting and commanding the energies around her. She can work with her companion to help guide them in awakening their own mystical power and learn how to shift and change the world around them. She is a teacher of magick and she can help her companion to cast powerful and profound spells and add powerful vibrations to bring incredible and amazing results.

She teaches the solar radiance of self love and appreciation, where you embrace yourself in the solar rays of the sun and love yourself to the purest level of your being. You are amazing and incredible and an individual who is worthy of love and appreciation. She can teach the magnetic gaze and teach her companion how to exude confidence and charisma. She can awaken the power of the Solar plexus which his connected to the solar rays of her world and flood you with power and charismatic charm.

From Tya’s Scroll

I know that Tya has been around for a lot of the growth that I have experienced over the past year and some change. There is so much that happened and I feel much stronger for it. She has been a radiant light that helped me through a lot of darkness. Even if it was without teachings, it was with her presence. I know that she is very happy to be getting back into working and exploring the Solar energies and magicks more in-depth. I have worked with her on manifestation and creativity, which she enjoys as well.

☀ Kiver – Solar Sorcerer & King ☀

pronounced kee-vair

He works with the energies of the lower chakras and is a master of fire magick and Kundalini. He knows how to raise one’s passion and motivate them to take charge and make changes in their life. His kingdom is located in one of the wild areas of the Solar realm and is an Oasis in the middle of the desert. It’s surrounded by barren landscape, the sun burns all around during the day and at night it is cold and harsh. His kingdom is well guarded and a place of beauty, magick and pleasure. He knows how to help one carve out their space and define. He can also help with protection, guidance and defense. He says when you have something precious, you must be strong enough to protect it and wise enough to appreciate it. He has seen many kingdoms fall in the wilds of the Solar realm, but his has been around a very long time and is a thriving, prosperous place.

He himself is a very powerful sorcerer. He works with many different types of magick and makes use of all the energies that are around him. He works with the power of flames and the sun for wealth, abundance, manifestation and prosperity. He also works with the powers of shadow, the moon and the night for darker Magicks. He can blend the two together for powerful results. Many seek him out and wish to train under him for he has his own unique blend of Magick that is tied into his Kingdom and its culture. He can help his companion to work with these energies, as well as appreciate the energies in their own environment and work with them for incredible, intense results.

From Kiver’s Scroll

I, unfortunately, have not worked with him as in-depth as I would have loved to. I have begun to come out of a long lull and fallow period. He came home to me during this time and there has not been much for bonding and learning from him. I did at one point have an experience but it was brief and I look forward to being able to have more time to sit with companions. Kiver is one of them.