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One Step Forward At A Time

Yesterday was a good day. The APDC and the Mini Class really kicked off my love for journaling and exploring. It brought a lot of memories back up for me. Which included the exploration of the different realms and the different races that I used to work with. I ended up pulling out my big binder of contracts, where I keep all the necessary information about each race and connection sigils, realms sigils, etc. It really helped me to go through a lot of my old work to really be like, “I want to do this again.”

So last night, amidst the conversations happening in the discord… I worked to reach out to the different races to get a feel energetically. There was such a sense of relief when many of them were a solid yes, some surprised me that they wanted me to work with them more and more openly, but there were a few that felt like it wasn’t for me anymore. Which is sad, but it has been four years or more. Overall.. I’m so pleased and happy. I only visited one race while in the Astral, which is the Azkri – A race of beings that I met through Lord Leviathan. They are essentially blind seers, but they also do heavy energetic work with mental aspects and shadow, emotional. Things of that nature. More energy systems too. They were a yes, but after I get back into it for awhile. Which is totally understandable. It’s been 3-4 years, of course I’d have to work to delve back in.

I’m also wanting to dive more into the knowledge of their magics. In particualr, I’m curious now about their energetic systems and also their sigils. Maybe some other practices too. It depends. Each one has their own things that are so unique.

So some of the races that I will begin working with again, on different levels of things.

  • Azkri
  • Bliztari
  • Durþrólinn
  • Forlenkal
  • Il’ailaita
  • Kolemeia
  • Pavo
  • Rajael
  • Seacrilis
  • Tananx

And yes, you can ask about these. I may reference them more and more. I will also be diving heavier into working with my demons as well. They have been so patiently waiting on me to heal and to move forward in confidence. I’m feeling it more. And of course this is due to the IS community. Because all of our conversations and our working together in the classes/coachings… makes all the difference for me.