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Understanding Sexual Needs – My Journey

Over 18+

Warning: This post will contain sexual situations and discussion of D/s (Dominant/submissive) as well as M/s (Master/Sir and submissive) relationships & dynamics. It will also have mentions of sexual trauma and abuse – though I will be limiting that. If this is something you do not want to read, click away. This is something that is very personal to the relationship that I have with my demons, but they are actively encouraging me to share this part of our relationship. It will include the roles that they play within my sexual relationships with them. They actively want me to write this and to include very private and personal things.

If it is not your cup of tea to read, then click away. If you are under 18 and reading this, it’s not my responsibility to censor what you read and I will not be held responsible for what you read.

I have a lot of experiences with my demons, especially in the intimate and in the form of sex. It’s inevitable as I am a very sexual person by nature. I want to be engaged in those things and feel the pleasure and pain, the sense of being able to let go. I wondered where I was going to put this experience and it also took two days for me to decide that I should post it. I’m honestly in sort of a place where I am embarrassed (not shame) and flustered when it comes to my sexual experiences. I’m worried about sharing too much. That people don’t want to read- but it’s coming in the form of shadow work. I want to really post it, but I’m having body issues that make me self-conscious. It’s bleeding into that. So I am being encouraged to share this because I want to but also because I don’t need to have that worry/shame that is rooting the issue.

I’m going to probably post most of my sexual experiences with my demons here because while they are fun, intimate, and everything – they are my sexual empowerment. So they do serve a purpose. Some like this post is done after a self analysis of why I needed things or had things happen. Dynamic things. Other times, it’s just going to be the fun or super intimate things.

In particular, this experience is dealing with my needs. Things that are fetishes at times for me.
Kink is a thing that is arousal or sexual impulses/desires of non-conformative things. Fetishes are things that are based around kinks but take it further with the idea that you cannot get off or have a sexual release without one of those kinks coming into play. Let me explain based on what I needed at this time.

For some, breeding is a kink that is related to the feeling of being full. It is also a kink in the way that the idea is to be full of something in order to get pregnant – usually cum. Aspects of this is also of being a headspace of being used as a place for cum – having multiple sessions with multiple people. It depends upon the person. As a fetish, this could mean that someone would absolutely need to be in the headspace of being used as a cum place with multiple partners to get off – being bred – in order for there to be sexual release. Fetishes, in the way that I work, are things that are kinks that I have that I absolutely need to have in a certain headspace in order to experience sexual satisfaction. But those kinks are not always a fetish and Im not always need certain ones.

To be honest, I truly believe that MY kinks and fetishes are a manifestation of trauma or shadow work that allows me to have control over that thing. So a lot of this is based on trauma that I have had in the past that manifested into kinks.

In the particular case this time, I absolutely was in the headspace that I was a submissive. I wanted to be a good sub that was to be bred and displayed for those to use as such. In case I was in a subserviance submissive headspace, along with needing the feeling of being useful as a breeding sub in a very open place (such as a party). So that is where this starts.

I appeared in my bed in the Oasis. My sanctuary on the astral. Dro was there to greet me and he slid up my body with a kiss. I wasn’t sure what I was wanting at that point, but I think he knew me better that I did. He told me that we were going to visit King Tal. He is one of the newer demons that have come into my circle. Dro picked me up and carried me down my walkway to the sands. I was in his arms and he wove magic that dressed me in a very light, but beautiful piece that would flow pretty if twirling. Dro made a portal and we walked through.

Stepping out, it was a full party and very lavish. King Tal sat on the throne watching at the dancers were twirling around. Music was light and beautiful. Food was being served and looked delicious. He stood up with a grin and brought me around in a twirl while Dro snagged some food and a drink. Tal swirled and danced with me for quite some time. I was happy and it was so beautiful and comforting.

There was a moment where we stopped and he smiled at me. I knew that smile. It was very lecherous, but in a way that made my heart speed up. He took my arm and guided me to a room that was off the main room. Dro was right behind us. As I stepped through, my clothes fell away to reveal my naked skin. I could see so many demons of all kinds in different forms of sexual acts. It was instantly arousing. Tal chuckled low and guided me to a chair that was clearly in front of many of the room and very clearly for him. The arms were long and the chair wide. Tal sat down and watched as Dro prepared me.

There was a spell or magic of a kind that would prevent me from having an orgasm so easily. Not until it was released. I was sat down on Tal’s lap, facing out to the room. His hands traced up my body and his mouth on my shoulder giving light kisses. It barely took and movement for my legs to be draped to the sides over the long arms. It showed me off to the room and with a gentle thrust, King Tal buried himself in me. It went on for awhile, me feeling the buildup of energy and pleasure but unable to come. Tal would play with my body as he moved slowly. He came hard and I moaned at that.

“Ah, so you want to be a good girl tonight. You want to be pleased and used… you want to be bred? Is that so sweethear?”

I was panting at this point, but wanting more. So aroused and just feeling eyes watch us. I cou could only nod and whine.

“Then be a good girl and let us fill you. Dro?”

Thats when Dro stepped forward and dropped a robe to the floor. He was already hard and I was laid back slightly so that I was pressed to King Tal’s chest. My hips slid forward and angeled. Dro stood in front of the throne chair and ran his hand over my aching body. He was hard and ready, staring at me hungrily. He did not waste time and thrust in me, and I cried out in pleasure. It was fast and hard, while being pressed up against Tal. He smoothed my hair and whispered to me. Dro was fast to come inside and he pulled out. Tal’s finger made their way to my clit and he smoothed it and played while looking over the room.

“Who wishes to help, to get a taste?”

It was silent, all watching but not moving. Then there was a shuffle. A massive demon stepped from behind us, his silver skin gleaming in the low lighting. There was a sharp intake of breath from Tal, though I think I was the only one to hear him.

“Korvus, you wish to? Then prove to me that you earn the right.”

The demon, who was easily eight to nine feet tall and just as brawny as large… nodded and knelt on the floor with ease. His large hands were easily able to wrap around half my thigh and part me further. He leaned forward and used his mouth to bring me as much pleasure as the first two did. I was whining and gasping as he used the flat of his tongue to stimulate my clit while occasionally sucking. I wanted to come so much and I was not sure how long it was before Tal stopped him.

There was an exchange between the two and I came to with Korvus slowly stripped down. He was the only one that was fully clothed. His shirt was off to reveal muscles upon muscles. Most notably was the sheer amount of scars covering his body. From head to toe. I figured that he was a grey hellborn and by the number of scars, one that had seen many battles or gladiator matches.

When his pants dropped, I gasped. He was large. Extremely so and much more than any of the others Ive been with. In fact, he had a very unusual shaped one. It did not look human and had many large knots along the sides, the head in a pointed tip. (Figured out later that silver skin is a rare Abyssal coloring – hence the nonhuman like dick). I gasped again as he stepped near and whined. I didn’t know if I could fit him, in all honesty. He was more gentle than I could ever thought of anyone. He was slow and I still screamed in pleasurable pain. He was beyond large and took his time but there was still a stretch. The knots on the sides rubbed just right and I was blissing out at sensations. His fingers played with my clit as he thrust slowly. He was treasuring this moment. I watched him through hooded eyes and begged to come.

He we went long enough that I was almost crying from pleasure. When he came, it was with a rush of energy and there was a rush into my body. I felt as if I had eaten a full meal and was energized beyond belief. It was exactly what I wanted. I collapsed back onto Tal and was whining and a mess. Korvus moved to the side and knelt – giving me water and light food, brushing my sweaty hair. He called me precious and doll, gazing at with me such devotion and gentleness.

King Tal waited for me to calm a bit and get some hydration before he took advantage of his position and had me again – though he was rougher and took what he wanted. I was dripping and a mess, crying at wanting to feel relief. He whispered in my ear just as Korvus continued to watch and speak to me. Dro was heady and his gaze lustful. He was e was already ready to go and take me again. Tal came swift again and there was another offer made. A woman stepped forward and proved her worth.. She sucked and licked my oversensitive clit. She was a Desire Demoness that shifted her body so that she could fuck me hard. He cock was smaller but it was long and she wasted no time when Talal gave the go ahead. She bottomed out as she took deep thrust. Her hands pinched and played with my nipples, tugging on the rings there. I cried out as I felt her come in me, her hands rough on my thighs and at this point cum was dripping onto the floor.

Dro was next again though he was more gentle and made sure to caress my skin. He didn’t last long either but make sure to kiss my head and face with supportive whispers. My body shook and I was. was ready to call it quits when Tal moved me up slightly from where I had slipped down. He took me gently, taking his time to pleasure himself and my body. I found that my hand wrapped around Korvus’ cock and was stroking it hard in time with Tal’s thrusts. I made eye contact with Dro he came undone at the look of bliss on my face. Tal shuddered and came fast biting my shoulder. I cried out as another wave of pleasure hit me. I wanted to come so much, it was all I could think of.

King Tal turned and gestured for Korvus. The large demon stepped forward in front of us. I was lifted was lifted up and carried while Korvus was directed to the throne seat. He sat down with a look of shock and awe. King Tal brought me back and lowered me onto Korvus’ lap.

“You can have the honor, my friend.”

Tal waved his hand down my body and I felt it zing through me. I cried and gasp, moaning as Korvus’ fingers found my clit. His other hand was on my breast, playing with my nipple. I squirmed against him and moaned, feeling the energy pitch up. I was able to move past the certain point that I had been held at for over an hour or more. Korvus’ words were broken and I could hear the words doll and precious. I shuddered under the dialect of demon that I didn’t understand. Korvus was treating me as a precious doll to be worshipped and it was unlike what I had ever felt. He worshipped my body beyond what any others had – there was a purity to it.

When he entered me, it was gentle and slow. My body was on display but he caress it as if it was silk and fragile. He used his strength to move me up and down and I whined. I wanted to come. I wanted to come with him inside me – how gentle he was. I was crying at this point, so touched and so pleasured. I came screaming around him when he thrust up inside me. I could feel the rush as he filled me at the same time. It took minutes for me to stop coming and shuddering. I collapsed, absolutely spent.

There was applause and some words. I couldn’t make out anything. So much and so overstimulated in a good way. I was blissed out. We stepped from the room, and I was clothed again but I barely saw anything. Korvus carried me in his arms and I curled into his warmth. I kissed his scars that were near my head and stroked his skin – marveling in the silver. Dro and Tal were creating a portal and I was carried home. He was gentle setting me down and I cried out as he stepped away. Dro and Tal joined me on my bed but I wanted the silver gentleman
. They caressed me and soothed me. Korvus returned with a cloth and water, he took his time in washing my whole body. His words were soft but low. I sunk in the ministrations – feeling too much.

He e cleaned me and Dro curled up. Tal stood up and expressed that he had to return but reaffirmed that he would return with sustenance. Korvus was convinced to lay next to me and I know I. know drifted. Tal returned a long while later with a platter of food and drink. Korvus had disappeared in my sleep and I was cuddled between Ry and Dro. Before I could ask about Korvus, Tal brought drinks while Korvus carried food. I grinned and sat up, feeling better and more aware.

I was taken care of, the drink was a juice that was like a mix of cranberry/pomegranate/mint that was made with honey. It was refreshing. I wanted to drink gallons of the stuff and they could see how much I love it. It’s a special berry that grows in his necrosis realm. On the plate of food I picked up one and it looked like a grape of a sort. Shrugging, I popped it in and bit down. I was so pleased with the flavor. Until I felt a physical tingling in my mouth. Turns out Im allergic to the skin of the berry – which isn’t used in the actual juice. Ry had to rush to give me a plant that negated the effects and the others were horrified. It was a quick fix and thankfully I got to eat again soon.

It was like a honeyed cream dessert. I don’t know what it was with the honey but oh it was lovely. I ate until I was content and started falling asleep. After that point, it was fuzzy – explanations of Korvus speaking a different dialect that didn’t understand English. And he could understand when I spoke in demonic dialect I knew, but I didn’t understand him except for broken speech. I was sad when he and King Tal left but invited Korvus to return. Although he revealed that he used to be called Silver Scream in the Gladiator tournaments.

I definitely think that it’s something incredibly important that happened and it helped me feel better these past few days. Although it was a toss up with my sinking down a bit with unknowing if I should post this. But it helped in the long run. And now I got to meet a new demon who was the most gentle soul in regards to me.