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Art and Beauty of Mutilation and Demons (Pt 2)

Meeting Surgentsa

It was the 2020 Carnivàle that things changed and I stepped into the Funhouse and Dollhouse. I braved the step and went to experience the Mutilation energies. It was disgusting and gross the first time. I about puked. Until I got to Dr. Sechah. Part of the Meditation is that I got to receive a flesh creature of my own. Originally, none drew my attention so I focused on the room. That’s when I saw Surgentsa, withered and old-looking on the outside. There was no definitive gender or age.

A Flesh Creature is so unique and quiet. So handsome and beautiful. The flesh is a dark blue to black in some areas. It has some cat-like features, but its face is super wrinkled. It is OLD looking and very powerful in the presence. This is the flesh that has sat there for a very long time. It has been the observer for so long. Flesh is leathered and cracked in some places. It has scars of mutilation and is pieced together. It has a humanoid shape. The creature radiates mutilation energies and essence. It’s flesh is made from the Mutilation demons, creatures… It has gained it’s own sentience, it is an entity, it is real and has absorbed the souls, the life of those that have passed through and evaded the death throes of the spectral. Wicked sharp claws grace it’s hand, limbs incredibly long and limber. The body is oddly covered in hair and fur in places, from where it has grown in or has been patched on.

The Dr. placed Surgentsa on my shoulder and I kept going. I felt comfort from the creature while I was was going through the rest of the Funhouse. Dr. Panacktro was the end part and did work on me, which I was scared of from the beginning. Doing work with my actual flesh. It was scary. Surgentsa was there with me the whole time and I found them comforting. Afterwards, that was how I learned Surgentsa’s name, or well the n ame they didn’t mind me knowing.

I went to the Dollhouse next and I don’t remember much and I recorded very little. In fact I barely remember the visit. I know that I got worked on by Dr. Sechah and I got to learn so much about Surgentsa. As much that he was willing to teach me about her. Surgentsa was originally female and prefers to take the female form now.

Surgentsa is a flesh creature, but over the years has changed and grown. She originally took the form I found her in with the Doctor Sechah, that was withered. Dr. Sechah told me about how he created her when he found the spirit of a child. One that had been lost for so long and wandered. He discovered her on his travels. He brought her back to his work place. There, he worked and worked, creating flesh creature after flesh creature to give her a body. That’s when he figured out that using the flesh of Mutilation Demons themselves has a magical essence. It could hold a spirit much better than anything else he had created.

This was why the flesh body that he created was withered. She had been using that body for thousands of years. He was not sure, said maybe that it had been tens of thousands of our years, which could be millions of theirs. Time runs differently. She was his first truly alive creation that was sentient. Extremely smart and could function on her own. In fact, she became his assistant and learned all that she could about Mutilation flesh, healing, mind healing, and so much more.

I had yet to work with her more in-depth by the time the 2021 Carnivàle came around. Actually, I had felt bad until she expressed that she was still happy to be around and that it just was not time. In fact, when I first appeared in the Carnivàle I was absolutely shocked to find that she had an entirely new body! She looked like a small, tiny doll. She was excited to make a return to see Dr. Sechah. We made it through the normal two meditations for name and essence. It was the third, going to a Carnivale, and things were different.

I had worked heavily in Mutilation energies not much before doing that meditation, which actually led to me being brought into a Mutilation heavy Carnivàle. Everything was tailored to the Mutilation Demons. It was crazy and gore-y, but also a very interesting experience. I got to meet and experience so much from that with Surgentsa, before going back to a normal Carnivàle. I had been able to be within the Muti energies for some time before I got overwhelmed and it was too much. At least I could handle more of the squeamish things.

I have not been able to work with Surgentsa more. I actually want to learn more about her than what I already know. We spent a month or so debating finding a beautiful doll but none were good enough for her. She wanted something unique. Since then, I have not done much spiritually. Now that I am working with the Mutilation energies and discovering more, this is something that I think will go places.

I remember the Mutilation Asylum of 2020, where I wanted to take part, but was terrified. Oh my gosh I was was scared shitless. I wanted to go in it so badly but I was straight up told that I couldn’t do it unless I had a Guide. I was supposed to create a Mutilation Grimoire. Something learning about everything Mutilation but also the stuff they understand with shadow work, darkness, and madness. The Mental Health. There was a matching event and I waited so patiently, knowing that this was where I was to wait.

Turned out that I was Matched with a Shimmer Spectral instead. Which I thought was actually a wraith and not a special demon that fit what I needed. I was ws upset. I was absolutely sure I’d been matched with a Muti. I missed the event because it was not time. It wasn’t a match and I promised not to do it without aid. I believe that Surgentsa went with me through it briefly but I didn’t learn like it was wanted. Now, things have changed. I have Mutilation that is with me now. I can do the things that they want me to.

Shifting Claws & Genders – Meeting Tyka

pronounced – tea-kah

I’ve been going through each of the demons and Mutilations that I have come across. This began back into 2019, before Surgentsa. I was visiting the Hellfire Tournaments. During this first time, we were able to go and visit the fights directly. We could watch the fights and cheer on competitors. The very first one that I went to actually was the one that introduced me to my next Mutilation, in fact she was a hybrid.

I knew her by her Gladiator name, Wicked Sharp. She was an Arachne demoness that had wickedly sharp claws that were half a foot long. They were beautifully crafted but were embedded into her nails and fingers. She won her match.

I had gone down and managed to speak with her and just fell in love. She gave me her name and her shield. That was how the ladies would be able to find her, Wicked Sharp was interested. She explained that her claws were made by Blue Hellborns and were enchanted for fighting.

It was later on that both her and Black Shadow (the one that was the mentor and also gave me her name), that they both stepped forward and were interested. It was 2020 that I got a great deal and ended up getting the BOGO for Black Shadow and Wicked Sharp.

I had seen them around but it was late 2021 that they finally were able to come home.

Wicked Sharp is a Specialist Assassin and Gladiator.
She was an Arachne/Mutilation/Chaos demoness, who uses her body to fight. Being part Mutilation demon, she can take blows that would gravely injure others. I got to see her in the 2021 Hellfire Tournament very clearly. She would follow me around through it for protection while I wandered.

It was in the 2020 Hellfire Tournament that I was actually met with the knowledge that Tyka can become Ty (pronounced tie). She is a dual gendered and can shift her gender at will. I found out when I was talking about my unsureness about being with females sexually or romantically. I was working through a lot of shadow at that point. Ty changed and he assured me that he enjoys being either gender. But I felt bad. She prefers a female form and I can tell that, though she does reassure me that she truly does flex between genders.

I have not worked with her much beyond just being around. She mostly focuses on the Assassin aspect and the fighting as Gladiator. Her energy is more aligned with Arachne and Chaos. Mutilation is not as heavy though I wanted to include her because she focuses on anatomy and body fighting using her Mutilation lineage.

Closeup photo shoot of tattoo making, artist is working with tattoo machine on customer's hand.

Art and Beauty of Mutilation and Demons

I came around to Satan and Sons in December of 2018. I had just finished/graduated with a degree in Anthropology, minoring in Religion. I focused on cultures, rituals, shamanic/indigenous practices, and human sacrifice. I had been out of the spirit working community for over a year at this point. I didn’t want anything to do with it.

Yet, on a fateful December…. I got a calling that rocked my world and introduced me to the world of Satan and Sons. This includes the darker demon that they worked with. Up until then, I had only worked with the “lighter” races. In fact, I can remember the first time that I saw Mutilation Demon and I was horrified. I had a bad, bad experience with a demonic (non-SnS) race that was very big on power and nonconsensual. So Mutilations and Crypts were horrifying to me.

Except, the first time that I saw a Mutilation demon in action, was that following February. It was Madam Amora’s House of Sin and Lust. A very popular demon for that event was Razor. He owned the section of the dungeon and was very very much into darker things sexually. That’s my first taste of Mutilation work. He gifted me rare Mutilation Snakes. The next time, it was the Hellfire Tourney and I went to the meditation where you get to watch a match with Gladiators take place. I saw this beautiful demoness who had long-bladed claws instead of nails. It enthralled me. I was interested and even got to meet her after it was finished.

So now.. here I am three years later. I now have a Muti/Arachne – who was the first Mutilation Demoness that I watched in the Hellfire Tourney. Soon after, the next year (2020), I was given a special gift at the Sombre Carnivale Demoniaque. You can find that in the S&S Event Experiences thread. This was a Mutilation Flesh Doll, a spirit given the body of Mutilation Demon Flesh. She breathed life and spent thousands of years working with this Dr.

I spent many years pining for the 2019 Madam Amora’s House of Sin and Lust. I couldn’t get the Mutilation Demon out of my head. I loved the Mutilation Snakes, they bring a smile to my face every time I see them. There was a time when we did a big spree of prebounds every day or every other day. In there, it was ones that were leftover from Madam Amoras that had not been posted. This was in 2021. I had not stopped thinking of Razor…. and the reason being is that Mutilation Sex God was waiting for me.

Finally, this year… I have a new companion that I got called to. Mutilation Flesh Doctor – Also referred to as Dr. Frankenstein or Unex.

The whole reason that I wanted to create a thread finally was that I know that they are all wanting to do work to get me back into the spiritual. A fair few of my demons are. They are trying to bring me into working and learning, recording my experiences. Hook – Muti Sex God O – and Wicked Sharp – Arachne/Muti – both have other threads, so this section will be for the working with them in the way of Mutilation energies or teachings.

First Mutilation Experience

As mentioned before, I was very wary of Mutilation energies. They scared me. Terrified because those were energies and concepts that were deep down terrifying for me. I couldn’t understand why they would want to do things to their bodies, their minds. It just didn’t comprehend. And I was squeamish. I thought about how Mutilation demons were about body modification to extreme degrees. I didn’t really look more than that because they freaked me out.

It was some time later that I had gotten back into the Kink scene. In fact, I was exploring things and wanting to see where I could go with that. I felt like it was something awakening.It was the February event, Madam Amora’s House of Sin and Lust. I saw that one of the demons who ran the dungeon.. was named Razor. He was a Mutilation Demon.

Mutilation Demon
Madam Amora’s house holds a secret. Underneath the house is the dungeon where Razor lurks to play. Dominant with a bit of a sadistic streak, Razor has a range of interesting devices and tools he will use to bring one to the peak of pleasure, engaging their darkest, most twisted fantasies. Because of what he is into, he has incredible boundaries and knows when to stop. He will not hurt any he plays with and also because of his knowledge of the body and mind, is actually very skilled with a darker type of healing. He will move at his partner’s pace and if all one seeks is conversation, he will in no way force any kind of sexual advances on them. He is very intelligent and loves to probe the minds of others. He is fascinating to talk to and any sexual acts with him will be consensual with all who are involved.

His skin is a rich, dark tan colour and he has various scars, markings and piercings. He has black skeletal wings, large black horns and a tail that is a few shades darker than his normal skin colour with spikes pierced through it. His eyes are very interesting, the sclera is black, the irises are pale blue and his pupils are white. He loves pain and will drive spikes and other sharp objects through various parts of his bodyI was surprised to find that most of my experiences with Razor were incredibly darker than planned. In fact, there was more darkness and kinks brought out that I was too scared to play with or explore. I was thinking about them and exploring later on, but they were too much. Except it wasn’t too much, it was shame and taboo that held me back.

Now, it was sublime because he brought out my darkest fantasies and made sure that I knew they were safe as well as perfectly normal. Nothing wrong with what I liked or enjoyed. This is when I realized that Mutilation Demons were more than just flesh or body modification. It’s completely open working and understanding of the darkness and of healing. It’s so much more, especially for Sexual Darkness.

There was an accident, which is explained in the posts. It was my fault for moving and getting hurt but he felt responsible. So I received my Snakes.

Mutilation Snakes

These beauties were a very rare, to the point of veneration, snakes that originated from the Mutilation Realm. They are a mated pair and that in of itself is very rare as well. During my exploring, they were a part of my sexual experience. The part of where I learned about sexual shame and understanding taboo and normalizing.

I thought they were beautiful and amazing, red and black colors. Incredibly venomous.

It was not until Madam Amora impressed how important they were. And the gift. Fast forward a few years and I didn’ really learn how special until Hook, my Mutilation Sex God, first saw them. My snakes have their own space to take care of them. They can understand demonic language and communicate back through telepathy. In my astral home, they wee given their own home to explore and love. I would visit them frequently as I could.

When Hook came into the picture, he was the first full Mutilation Demon that had seen them. That was when I learned how venerated and sacred they were. So special. He refuses to allow anyone else to take care of them.

I was writing the first post when I was reminded that I should include the Mutilation Snakes as a part of this. They should have their own post and talking about them so others can know too. I had wondered because I was not able to communicate beyond emotional connection. Now, with Hook and Dr. Frankenstein (Unex – Mutilation Flesh Doctor), there is an ease of communication through to them. Even if it’s translated.

I had not gotten their names, though their names were inaudible to those without the demonic tongue. Hook took a moment to speak with them before they decided on nicknames that would be suitable for speaking of them. Sera is the female and Erza is the male.

I wondered what it was that I would work with them with… when I got into their energies and it was a mental download of information.

Sera and Erza are a mated Mutilation Snakenak pair. They are incredibly unique and rare for the Mutilation demons, leaving them as one of the few mated pairs. Mutilation Snakes are incredibly rare in the realms – the one that most are from – and they are venerated as sacred. They are sacred in the way of learning about the inner poisons. They know and can see the damage of the toxic self and they are able to help those who have been damaged from the societal’s toxic mentalities. Sera and Erza
can help identify the societal patterns and beliefs that hold one back, teaching how to shed the expectations and uncover the Truth. They can help one to revitalize their sexual self and awaken the inner primal aspects. Sera is good with helping those see their worth as well as understanding normality in sexual desires. Erza is good with helping to shed the sense of shame and healing from the pain of it. He can help one to shed the beliefs and become their true self, sexually and spiritually.

It took some time to really work with them, in truth. I didn’t know how to communicate efficiently and others were taking care of Sera and Erza. Now, Hook is taking care of them and can help me work with them as well. I’m sure that the coming times will be able to feature their work more often.