photo of forest with fog

Wisdom of GrandMama Tsülie

I find that Im using this more to explore getting back into working with astral and my demons. So there’s not a focus of one, but just getting into the habit.

Today I felt the pull to do something but wasnt sure. It took awhile, but I eventually got the urge to astral to a familiar face: Grandmama Tsülie. She’s a Necrosis Shaman, and ancient one that I was introduced to many years ago by one of my companions. I visit her when I feel the pull. When she calls, you can’t really ignore it.

So I arrived there, in this beautiful but terrifying Necrosis Realm where the very trees are carnivorous. They eat anything that trespasses or is someone that wants to cause harm. Or if they feel like it. I got a bit too close to their energies enough to get a lovely breakdown (haha pun) of how they exactly achieve it. Let’s just say that it’s borderline cruel in a way. It takes days of suffering before their chosen victim dies.

Anyway, I show up to her little cottage and she sits me down in the outside spot with the table and chairs. I explain a lot of what has happened these last few years. Especially with recent things. She patted me on the hand and told me that I can practice coming to her realm, in her words, “You know you can practice here. It’s safe. Especially with the carnivorous trees.” She pats my hand and makes me a pot of tea. I had to laugh at that. It’s wholly truly. She’d have a lot of show me and teach me anyway if I did.

She sat back down with me and I told her that I’d been in this state of grief, yet once he passed, I felt better. Relieved. She usually has some of the best wisdom. “Death is but a cycle and everyone is a part of it in some way. It never truly ends, but transforms.” In this, she also means that those that are Immortal still experience this cycle in some form, even though the way in which they do is vastly different than a human concept of it.

I didn’t spend much more time there. But I find that I do want to go back and explore and talk to her. Hear more of her wisdom.