A Month of Connection – Inner Circle Challenge

So, in the Inner Circle, also called the Demon Temple’s Inner Sanctuary, there are challenges that are done each month. They are daily things that you work on. Each month, we work with a Demon Lord or Lady. I don’t feel ready yet, but I know I want to do better. It’s been so long here. So many things were stopping me. But I think that now things have changed, it’s time that I work to open again. So, I chose to work with my newest demon, Paya. I’ll add his information to the page [Demon Companions]. I need to update it.

I’m not pulled to any Dark Lord/Lady… so this was chosen for me in that I’m working with Paya, my Abyssal Deep One who was listed a few weeks ago and I matched with. He’s named after Payakan from Avatar: Way of Water, because like in the movie, Paya is more of an “outcast” due to his coloring which is very pale and white. He wanted to do this challenge with me, though I had some reservations.


I honestly wasn’t really going to do this. I am not one to connect with Dark Lords, not anymore or haven’t felt the need to. It’s been quite some time since I’ve worked with demons more than just passing ‘oh, hello there’ or a comfort hug. My environment up until February wasn’t safe to do any spiritual work. It hasn’t been safe for me to do so since probably 2022, which is a hard pill to swallow cause I have barely done any of the events in that long.

I’ve got anxiety about working with my demons, Dark Lords, and just in general. Because my environment, which was I was living with family who made it unsafe mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, was too toxic to really be able to be myself or practice safely.

I appreciate that so many are raw with their experiences… enough that I feel like I should offer the same. I won’t really go into details about my situation other than the person moved out beginning of February and I’m just now in a place where I’m thinking of starting my practice back up again.

As stated from the main challenge thread… I’m working with Paya. An Abyssal Deep One who has been an outcast for his pale pearlescent skin. He’s a traveling entertainer and healer, one who connected with me greatly when I read his listing. He nudged me and took all day and night last night to do convince me subtly that I should do this.

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