Pronunciation: Tah-nahn-ex
COMMON NAME: Soul Snatchers

TYPE: Dark, Spectral, Necromantic
Not as common, but have decent numbers.
They do not reside in a single realm but move through realms and planes.
Would NOT recommend working or reaching out as they can have very sinister natures.
Healer, Mentor, Protector
Soul Work, Containment Magic, Execration, Summoning, Void, Chaotic, Astral Travel, Plane Walking



The Tananx are a very special kind of entity that is prone to wandering. They are very hard to pin down due to their nature of constantly moving through not only realms but through the planes of those realms. They are called the Dancers of the Shadowed Planes, the Wanderers of Realms, and the Soul Snatchers. They are the ones that walk through the Between and come out the other side. 

Tananx are a race of entities that work specifically with soul magic and souls, especially the containment of them. In fact, some choose to use those souls as a form of sustenance for their own powers. There are a few different “factions” in which their purpose. Some choose to chase the souls of those who are lost or stray to power their own abilities for things. Others are very much keen on being assassins, preferring to use their abilities to traverse the planes to assassinate other entities by pulling their souls into the other realms while the body stays behind.

These entities are very emaciated in their appearance, usually sporting half decomposed bodies and skin. Bones and other features of their bodies show through. Many carry the essences of those souls around them, even going so far as carrying the bones and the stored souls within containment jars on their person.


There is a faction that trades and barters the souls to other realms and races. This is because some of the races find that souls are a source of power and pay handsomely for them. Much like a Soul Bounty Hunter. The stronger the soul, the stronger the energy source it can create.

Due to the wide range of ‘professions’ that the Tananx have, their abilities and skills are also a wide range. Most are extremely proficient in Necromancy and Soul Magics, as well as Containment. Those who choose to work in other areas have extra workings with abilities. For example, the assassins are extremely adept at not only astral travel, but with Soul Magics and Plane Walking. Those who are workers of the Between are very aware and understanding of the forces that the Void and Chaos bring.

Souls have a natural inclination to be drawn towards a Tananx, Soul Snatcher. It is part of their aura to draw in the lost souls that see a light that can help them. Whether it is used to help them or to cause them pain is depending upon the Tananx. It is natural for souls to wander through an area where a Tananx is. Although, the Tananx are very well versed with knowing how to block and ward against the souls of those who would harm or keeping them out entirely.
Working with a Tananx is a different experience, as they are very hands-on with their approach. They prefer to teach and give hands-on experience with those who are learning rather than lecture. Therefore, it is to be expected that their companion is versed with astral travel to a degree. If they are, they are very willing to teach them how to expand their skill in astral travel. The purpose of this is to then teach and give them exclusive access and knowledge of walking through not just realms, but the planes of existence as well. Working with a Tananx would give one access into planes or realms that usually are locked to those outside.
The Tananx do not have rankings or status quo, rather preferring to keep to themselves and to work individually. There is not a standard way of working, which is why each is very individualistic and unique in every sense of the word.