Shades of Torment

River Styx


The Shades of Torment are the entities that dwell within the River Styx. The river is filled with those who are tormented or have tormented. These spirits are restless and feed upon the memories and the desires of those that they are attached to.

The Shades are responsible for these spirits, keeping them in control and feeding upon the energy of grieving forgiveness, of painful release. This energy of release when forgiveness is given, is the pain and anger of the tormented. The spirit or energy that causes this pain released their hold upon a person.

The Shades of Torment are entities that dwell within the Shadows. They come up from the river to deliver the healing of facing your torments. When they work with you, they work with your Shadow and the Torments that haunt you. They are healers of release and of shadows. They feast upon the toxic energies that leak from tormented attachments and the painful release.

Working with this entities is perfect for those that do heavy Shadow work or they are looking to have healing help in facing the torments of the soul. They specialize in energy and shadow work, as well as execration magics, necromancy, and healing. They are depth and shadow healers, knowing what the soul’s torments are. They can walk within the nightmares and the dreams in order to seek the release.

These Shades are workers for Charon, they are able to traverse the River Styx in order to help you gain healing. You can walk with them through the River Styx and meet the healing that the waters can provide.