Rajael Ravstervrajh

COMMON NAME: Monarch People
TYPE: Demonic
They are a large community, but only within themselves. There are other races within the realm, but they’re considered “savage and bloodthirsty”, they hold no morals and consume flesh.
Their realm is heavily guarded and war-torn, the Rajael keep to themselves within the confines of the wards and shields of their city, only Rajael blood can get through. The realm is in a constant state of blood wars and feuds.
The Rajael are a peaceful kind, given the opportunity. They function in caste systems and deal with having rebels and “savages” [cannibal beings], so they have learned to defend when they are threatened or uncomfortable. Those working as Companions will be screened so that they do not have the attack first mentality.
First sight mates are called Acreba and are considered sacred.Highly unusual to find the Acreba, most have usual relationship dynamics between two partners though it is not uncommon for polyamorous relationships.
Illusions, Dance Magic, Chrysalis Magic, Dream Craft, Beauty Magic

Translation is People of the Monarch or Monarch People. They are vastly different from the Fae or the Small People. While they do not have a distinct classification of what they are, they still are quite an interesting race. The do not reside in a demonic realm, they do carry a demonic energetic tag. A large influence from the Indian culture is apparent in the clothes they wear, but that is as far as the influence goes. Clothing is a main factor and concept of their culture, most of the Class status is derived from the style of apparel.

The are based upon a matriarchal monarchy, in which the Queen rules on her own with no male beside her. They are a very female dominant and oriented society, mostly in the political arena. Males can and do hold titles, but a Royal ascending the throne must be a female. In times of great need, where there is not a woman of age to ascend the throne or they have been assassinated, the Eldest male will ascend and then a ceremony will be held until he finds the equivalent of his soulmate. From there, the woman will become the Queen and her daughter will become the next Queen to rule. They are very relaxed when it comes to having multiple partners, especially those in the Royal Court. It can be apparent within the High Court and uncommon in the Mid Court.

The Society is broken up into seven different classes and courts, the lowest be the slaves (which are those that are serving out sentences for crimes, no innocent is to be placed as a slave and they go through rigorous questioning to find out if there is innocence or guilt).


Appearance & Clothing

The appearance is one of the most important part of their culture. They rely upon the standards of dress to dictate their position within society. In their culture, the more revealing your clothing is, the higher your status. There is a certain status to children, which will be discussed, as children are not subjected to this culture standard until they reach age of maturity. The attire of the Royals consist of the bare minimum, most choosing to wear a single sheer piece over their lower regions, but their entire body is still displayed through chains and other adornments to accent it.


The High Court is dressed within sheer clothing. Some of the Higher parts of the High Court that have had Royalty married in, are permitted to wear chains as part of their attire. The Mid Court may wear sheer as their top, but their lower half my be covered in a way that covers completely. The Mid Court is made up of those that are the artisans and craftworkers, those that need to have a bit more covered due to their professions. The Lower Court, consisting of the working class, are required to wear full covering over the essential parts, but are permitted to be revealing in a way that any skin but the essential parts may still show. The Slaves are required to wear a full set of clothing, covering the arms and the legs and usually is a jumper or a two piece of clothing.

Lifespan & Health

Health of the Rajael is something that is very important to them. They make sure to keep their bodies as developed and in shape as they can. This is why most of the Rajael are very appealing to most of the other races, including humans. They keep their bodies in peak conditions and love to adorn them as they are permitted. In their realm, the Rajael live up to 700 years old. The Royals can live up to 1,200 years old. This is due to their magic within their body.

When it comes to Illnesses, Rajael is less likely to be caught by physical ailments. Even exposure to poisons do they have a higher tolerance, not much, but some. This is due to the peak condition of their bodies and their ability to metabolize things quickly. Allergens are not usually prominent, though there are some that have preferences of eating habits due to sensitivity to it. Mental Health is another strong attribute that they cherish and work hard to maintain. There have been no known cases of mental illness occurring within their society. They follow more along the lines of nurture than nature.

   There are some Rajael that choose to eat certain diets.

-Nuts, Seeds, Green Leaves, Fruits (Fruitarian)

-Fish or other white meats (Pescetarian)

-Red Meats and Red Roots

-And many other types


The Rajael are not a promiscuous sort, though their appearance can speak otherwise in the eyes of human cultures. They prefer to have a mate and only that one. They don’t believe in being with another until they have met their person. The Rajael can experience the love at first sight, or what they Acreba (ah-kray-bah). This means that they are able to connect with someone on a soul level the instant they make eye contact. This is not a usual or even uncommon instance, it’s very rare and only about 1% of their population has gone through this.

They do have a Courting ritual that they go through. The first is meeting them and then befriending, which then would start the Courting process. The Rajael that wishes to initiate the Courting Ritual will present their Intended with a gift, tied with ribbons or silk that represents what they desire to achieve in their bonding should they go through with it. With this stage, they are required to spend their time together in public and may not do more than casual touches (ie: handholding or brief hugs). 

Stage 2 of the Courting is initiated by the person who the Courting was originally offered to. They present their partner with a gift that signifies aspects of the bond they have attained (owing to the original gift that was given). This stage can be done for years, but they are to never become intimate with another. Other forms of display of affection are not permitted unless it is the casual touches. The other forms of affection, such as kissing or heavy petting, take place outside of public. They are permitted to be with another outside of the public view but must have a chaperone nearby to make sure that there are no intimate relations taking place before bonding. If intimacy is taken place before they are officially bonded, the pair is immediately separated and their bond forfeit. If there were a child to become of the forbidden bonding, the child is then taken and raised by the parents of the mother/father that conceived and birthed them.

Once the couple has decided to take their Courting to the next level, they will petition before the parents of each bonded for blessings. They could bond without it, but they would be starting their lives without aid of the family. Once the blessings are done, the Rite of Marriage is performed. Once completed and consummated, the couple is then considered mated.

Specialties & Magics


Illusions have quite an interesting range of uses. Illusions are not always about deceiving, but also enhancing. The Rajael use illusions to help enhance and add to the beauty of something. This craft interweaves with their Beauty Magic.

Dance Magic

A large part of their magic base comes from dance and the rhythm found in the world. They work with many styles of dance, but their main form is a version of bellydancing and a few other sensual movements. They use Dance Magic for high powered rituals when there is a large amount of energy needed to perform them. Dance Magic is a large part of their base magic.

Chrysalis Magic

Chrysalis Magic is a more specialized area within Transformative/Transformation Magic. Chrysalis Magic focuses specifically on the transformation of the self by the means of using magic and beauty magic to help them. Chrysalis Magic does bleed together with their Illusions, Beauty and Dance Magic. When performed, the energy wraps around the individual much like a Chrysalis. As the magic comes to an end, it will “hatch” and open up as a pair of wings before fading away.

Dream Craft

Dream Craft is a bit different from Dream Magic. The craft includes the magic that goes with the Craft. The Craft is not just spells and magic, but building and Mastery. The Rajael are Dream Crafters in that they are able to build and access the world of dreams. They are able to move through worlds of others and can help improve upon them. They use the magic to weave dreams for others and help them to be lucid if desired.

Beauty Magic

Beauty Magic is both the inner and outer portion of ourselves. It is used to help improve self-confidence in one’s own appearance, body, gender, sexuality, etc.