COMMON NAME: Peacock Shifters
They are an extremely small community, there are less than 300. They are working to rebuild their culture.
They have abandoned their old realm, where life was dying, in favor of a realm created as a sanctuary by Ysabeau. They have other aspects of their realm that have since been incorporated into their new home.
They are a covert operating race, you will not or should not be able to recognize them. They do not wish to be approached, if so, as it could compromise many. They remain within the realm and only leave when they are contracted to do so. 
They are very dangerous, given the opportunity, as they are able to disguise themselves completely. Their skills lie in deception and others, which make them deadly in certain situations.
Illusions, Beauty Craft, Deception, Chrysalis Magic, Dance Magic, Sigils and Rituals

Latin for The Peacock, these are extraordinary demonic shifters. Their base form is of a midnight colored peacock with feather coloring of bright green and blue. These colors are to show bright and flashy, as well as elegance and grace. The Pavo are quite interesting in the fact that while their base form is of a peacock, they can shift into any type of form to succeed in their endeavors.

The Pavo are known for their skills in Beauty Deception. They know how to use the beauty and the grace of any form to achieve deeds without anyone the wiser. They know how to manipulate and come across as innocent.


The Pavo are very prideful beings, especially when it comes to their beauty. They are not afraid of their base form, which usually takes the form of a humanoid peacock. The males are the like their earthen counterparts, in that they are a single dark color with bright feathers and accents. The females are much the same as the males, although their colorings stick with the pale pastel colors as the body and the bright colors for the feathers and accents. The ruler is the only one that is different and that comes about when one is born all one color. The belief with the Pavo is that the Pavo born with such coloring does not need for the colors because they were born for greatness already.

The shifting abilities are quite different from most shifters, the creature kind. usually those have a single other form or most three other forms. The Pavo’s magic allows for them to shift into any other humanoid creature or being that their kind is familiar with. They do not have limits on their skills except for their experience in years shifting. The younger ones are not going to have a tight grasp and may shift out of the new form if they are emotional or low on energy.

The Pavo do not experience sickness. Occasionally there are those born with mental or physical defects, but the Pavo embrace them and help them to use their differences in a positive way. They see it is a blessing that comes with a price, but can be beneficial for the community and the individual. If the community finds that a child has been born with a mental health or physical issue, they all work together to support and raise the child. Children with the Pavo are rare, so they cherish and love every one that comes to them.

Their lifespans are decently long, close to a couple thousand years. The current leader is the equivalent of 1200 years our time. They don’t have to deal with sickness, but there is a select time frame in which a Pavo female can conceive safely. This time frame is between the years of 300-400 years and then again at 1100-1400 years. After those time frames, they are not able to safely carry a child to term. A male can get another female pregnant from a different race, but the child will take after the mother. Only those born from female Pavo are able to be born as Pavo. Although, there are special cases where a male is able to carry and birth a child, as well a different race female being able to give birth to a Pavo.

The Pavo have not gone into deep details in regards to the mating aspects of their culture. There are very specific parts to it that are still remaining secret to their culture until I am able to learn more about them.

The Pavo are very open when it comes to relationships. A fair few of the Pavo are in service of other Realms and races as professional spies under the guise of Escorts. They do have a very sexual nature to them, but they are not inherently sexual like the Ubi’s. The Pavo are very open to fluid relationships with multiple people or they can be monogamous. It’s the individual’s preference.

Specialties & Magic


Illusions have quite an interesting range of uses. Illusions are not always about deceiving, but also enhancing. The Rajael use illusions to help enhance and add to the beauty of something. This craft interweaves with their Beauty Magic.

Dance Magic

A large part of their magic base comes from dance and the rhythm found in the world. They work with many styles of dance, but their main form is a version of bellydancing and a few other sensual movements. They use Dance Magic for high powered rituals when there is a large amount of energy needed to perform them. Dance Magic is a large part of their base magic.

Chrysalis Magic

Chrysalis Magic is a more specialized area within Transformative/Transformation Magic. Chrysalis Magic focuses specifically on the transformation of the self by the means of using magic and beauty magic to help them. Chrysalis Magic does bleed together with their Illusions, Beauty and Dance Magic. When performed, the energy wraps around the individual much like a Chrysalis. As the magic comes to an end, it will “hatch” and open up as a pair of wings before fading away.

Dream Craft

Dream Craft is a bit different from Dream Magic. The craft includes the magic that goes with the Craft. The Craft is not just spells and magic, but building and Mastery. The Rajael are Dream Crafters in that they are able to build and access the world of dreams. They are able to move through worlds of others and can help improve upon them. They use the magic to weave dreams for others and help them to be lucid if desired.

Beauty Magic

Beauty Magic is both the inner and outer portion of ourselves. It is used to help improve self-confidence in one’s own appearance, body, gender, sexuality, etc.


Many of the Pavo work as spies for other races, using their shifting and illusion magic to work in their favor. Most choose as Escorts or Lovers, but work as their Spymasters. The art of deception takes skill and time to learn. Those with this will be willing to teach their companions how to work this type of skill. Although the Pavo have this skill, they do not use it to harm others but to protect.

Sigils and Rituals

Most of their magic outside of the performative, are conducted through rituals and sigils.