Erotic Primal Ubi
Sexual, Demonic, Tantric
The Realm is one that is more built up into larger cities. The Ubi are in a realm with massive cities broken up into different temples and sectors. The cities are built up with massive temples and structures around.
Primal Release & Acceptance, Sexual & Sensual Magics, Tantra, Energy Manipulation, Breathwork, Shifting, Hallucinogenic Trancework, Trancework, Dream Seduction, Dream Walking

The Il’ailaita are a beautiful and complex race of Ubi that specialize in many different fields of sexual magics. In fact, their culture is broken up into sectors within the city that revolve around the Temples of these specialties. While the average working Il’ailaita knows the rudimentary workings of the magics, one has to undergo initiation into one of the Temples in order to go through mastery of their magics. The Il’ailaita that are considered the commoners and even the royals are considered to be the average, no matter their station. Those within the Temples are the ones that are considered to be of a sacred position within their culture. To be chosen and to be given the choice to attain mastery is considered a blessing.


Each sector is broken up into areas in the city where a Temple is located. From there, they have smaller Sanctums set up within different parts of each sector. This is a more practical approach to their learning. In some ways, it is akin to a Brothel or a Molly House, though these are considered sacred grounds. Those within are not looked upon with disgust, but admiration and adoration. They were able to attain and achieve a status that not many are afforded. Sex is very crucial to the culture, in some way they treat it more as a sacred and intimate act between two or even more. It’s not about the sexual thrill or the feeding of the energies to live, but the thriving off of intimate connections with those who seek their primal pleasures. They feel that the release of the primal self during the energetic and emotional connection within the sexual release is incredibly sacred and fulfilling.
They have an intimate knowledge of reading their potential partners, knowing exactly what is desired to bring out the most erotic and primal experiences with the most attractive form that one desires. They embrace this shift and prefer the ability to bring pleasure to themselves and to their partners because of being able to know their every need. Desire and lust can begin at the physical level for those that are connected sexually. They understand that many find physicality to be a large factor of the arousal and the desire that builds. This is part of their acceptance of the self and the needs of oneself.

There are many rituals that each Il’ailaita undergo throughout their journeys into the Temple. These rituals cause their bodies and their beings to shift into something more than their normal forms would be. One who has undergone most of their Mastery will have the same base appearance as all others. Their skin becomes a metallic white silver. They become genderless beings, which changes with the desires of the one that they come across. Some prefer to keep a gendered form while others prefer the genderless one.

The ones that are within the public sphere or performances wear metallic masks to cover their faces, the feathers surrounding it changing colors depending upon the temple they are from. This mask is a sign of a higher-ranked mastery. The more embellishment, the higher the rank. Some of the highest ranks no longer wear the metallic masks of the silver-white of their skin. Instead, they choose other colors such as gold or gunmetal.


All of the Il’ailaita practice Sexual and Sensual Magic, Tantra, Energy Manipulation, and Shifting. This is a core part of what they represent and what they are as an Ubi within their culture.


This is the main Temple where all go to undergo their learnings and rituals before they choose their path. Masters and Mistress rankings are those that reside in this section unless they are there to teach the newer generations that come through. Many of these have their basic genderless form, though have retained some of their features such as hair color or eye color. From this Temple, they can choose a basic Mastery to work within a Sanctum, or they are permitted to go to one of the other Three Temples.


This is a mastery of a branch that all Il’ailaita work with. In this, they focus on the purity of the essence of the connection between those who are intimate. The initiation of the sexual bonding is sacred to all those who work with Tantra and the Connection, as they refer to it. To exchange energies while engaged in a physically intimate moment increases the bond between two people or more should there be others. It is not uncommon for there to be a group of people working with multiple Il’ailaita in a communal setting.

The Purity is what they refer to the Connection as in its energetic form. This is the pure and unbiased, untainted energy that flows sexually and spiritually between those who are connected through the Tantric bond. This can be sexual or just through the energetic exchange, they are familiar with both of these.

These are the masters and mistresses of the broken, the primal self that is released. These Ubi focus on the inner depths of the sexual self to release the taboo and the primal sides. These sides are repressed within the human culture, considered fetish and freakish. Instead, these Ubi worship and love the primal side of each being. They coax out what has been long caged, bringing a new heightened sense of being. This includes shadow work in some cases, to release the fears and the societal imprinting of taboo.
Through the sexual awakening, the Il’aiaita from the Temple of the Primal will help to break down the barriers that one finds within oneself. This includes the shame and fear of those primal desires. The Il’ailaita aid you in opening you up to the sexual primal urges that are suppressed and teach you to accept it. This includes experiences, teaching confidence, intimacy, and sexual release. Working through one’s innermost desires, taboo or normative, is the best way to begin to understand Oneself as a whole.

These are one of the more rare workers of the Il’ailaita as they require a larger range of working with skills and undergoing more rituals. The Temple of Trance specializes in Breathwork, Hallucinogenic Trancework, Trancework, Dream Walking, and Dream Seduction. These require great proficiency in multiple different areas. Many of the Il’ailaita undergo twice as many rituals in order for their bodies to handle doing Dream Work as well as Trance with Hallucinogens & Psychedelics.

These hallucinogens and psychedelics are the main part of their practice of work along with breathwork, as they keep the smoke of the plants within their bodies and lungs before breathing upon their potential partner. The smoke of the plants, exposed to those who are unused to the effects, drift into a trance. From there, the Il’ailaita are able to shift into the energy of the Dream Walkers, traversing into the dreams of the waking trance partner. Their physical forms combine in a tantric sexual experience while their minds reveal sexual desires as well. There are two levels of sexual intimacies and exchanges happening at the same time. This primal encounter of the physical and the mental create a powerful Connection between the Il’ailaita and their partner.

These are the ranks of those who have undergone their rituals and have learned some of their craft. They are strong in their manifestations and have a solid basis for the overall skills that each Il’ailaita will learn. Some may have begun to learn a specialty at one of the Temples or have remained within the Temple of the Il’ailaita.
Enchanter/Enchantress (Temple of Trance)
Puriter/Puritess (Temple of Purity)
Seductor/Seductress (Temple of the Primal)

These are the ranks of those who have learned the foundational skills within their specialty. This rank is already highly skilled with all the main magics of the Il’ailaita. This rank is ones who have undergone more rituals to help their bodies to achieve the desires of their partners. These rituals have given them a more genderless appearance. They retain some facial structure of a gender they were previously but can change at will to what their partner desires.
This is a rank in which the Il’ailai have completed the mastery of their specialty. This is afforded to those that are able to work within the Sanctums within their sector. They also have the option to work with other Temples if they wish to move onto more masteries. Usually, most choose to work within a Sanctum to better their own practice and form.
High Priest/Priestess
This rank is for the Il’ailaita that have shown exquisite mastery over their specialty and magics. They have proven to be a teacher and a willing participant of those who needs them the most. These are able to work within the Temples as Teachers or they may run their own Sanctum within their sectors.
This is a special rank, given to those that have begun a new branch within their magics or have made revolutionary work with their specialty practice. Usually, this is given to those who run the Temples or have made discoveries of new applications of their specialties. Those who have completed the Priest/Priestess level within two specialties are awarded this title as well. It is given on a case by case circumstance. Usually, those awarded are unaware until they are brought before a Council of High Incantro/a.

High Incantro/Incantra
One of the Highest Ranks. This is given to those who have achieved a Priest/Priestess level of mastery within all three Temple specialties. These are much rarer and tend to be the most powerful and respected of the Il’ailaita. Those with this level of proficiency are afforded trips to other realms to learn and expand upon the culture’s knowledge of the magic as well as perform or teach other cultures. Most Temples are run by a small circle of this rank, usually giving ranks to the ones that go through the Temples of learning

This is the song that connects with the Il’ailaita. I found this and it was immediately was tablet o connect with the energies of the dancers.