The Durþrólinn are an ancient race that have deep rooted origins within the Nordic Realms. They are Blood Diviners that have descended from within the roots of Yggdrasil. Within the tree, there are four deer in which eat from the branches. Duraþrór, “Thriving Slumber” and Dvalinn “The Unconscious One”, both ancestors to these sinister diviners. Many generations have changed them into a different entity entirely, dwelling within the dark shadows of the roots of Yggdrasil. Their realm shifts within those shadows, neither staying in one place or another.

Durþrólinn can be described as close to eight feet in height, towering over many humanoid races. They are bipedal, though they have a humanoid appearance that closely resemble an emaciated corpse. Many choose to use staffs or other weapons to walk with, keeping themselves cloaked in some form. Atop their heads are large antlers, which even the females carry at a smaller size, each decorated with bones and other forms of identification. They have long, angular faces of the cervid, with massive canines that belay their carnivore preferences. Long humanoid hands, with an extra joint in the fingers, curve to sharp nails at the ends. Most of the Durþrólinn have a red or brown color to them, although the purest albinism is considered for the birthright of a Shamanic position within the groups. For this purpose, almost all of the albinism occurs within the females, lending to the credence of the Nordic Völva or Völuspá.

Their history is a long one, once being two separate races. One worked with the Blood Magic and Divination, the other worked with more Shamanic practices and Dream Work. Many generations of working with another led to the races becoming intertwined and they become one, the Durþrólinn. Their nature is one that is sinister, having gone through the Millenia of wars between the realms as well as individual wars. Bloodshed is a part of their culture, in many ways not just sacrifice. Millenia ago, they hunted even humans during the height of them working with the Nordic pantheon. Human sacrifice and flesh eating was not uncommon. Although, with the changing of times, they do not partake as much except for in ritual cases. Many still carry the hunger and desire for the hunt.

Leaders of the Durþrólinn are chosen through combat. Most of the time the Durþrólinn prefer to not fight, instead keep to themselves beyond hunting. In times of conflict and war, some of the Durþrólinn choose to become Warriors in addition to their natures. Much like the Aesir and the Vanir, the Durþrólinn are incredibly long lived and some have been around through many of the realm wars. These Warriors are highly respected and chosen as the Leaders, or called Hart. While simple in name, the Hart is used in respect for their ancestral origins from the Great Four.

Within the realm of shadowed forests, they dwell in smaller communities. They live within shelters and wooden huts, hand crafted by themselves or with the help of the community. Most of their “herds” are no larger than a hundred to two hundred. Some in fact choose incredibly small, with the smallest being twenty strong. All communities, herds, are led by a Völva and a Stag, each holding the magic and the leadership respectively. They are hunter and gatherers, though they do grow and work with plants and trees. They have also partaken in trancework to aid their divination.
The realm of the Durþrólinn flexs and moves throughout the shadowed roots of the Yggdrasil. In doing so, their realm touches many of the other nine realms. Many of the Durþrólinn herds reflect different aspects of these realms it touches depending upon their relativity to them. Some carry traits from Helheim or Jotunheim or other variations of them. The Shadowed Forest Realm, which is an assigned name rather than what it is known by, touches many aspects of the Nordic worlds and cultures. This is a reason in which many heed the words of the Durþrólinn should they appear or be called upon.
There are five main areas that the Durþrólinn are able to work with:
Wild Magic, Divination, Dream Traveling, Blood, and Shamanic – Seiðr.
Within each of these are specialties, such as there are many aspects of Divination that combine with blood. Each Herd has their own specialties due to their relation to the Other realms. Those closer to Helheim work with Necromancy, Death, and Soul Magics. Those within Jotunheim work well with Ice/Winter, Combat, and others. Within the Divination sphere, it is common for many to work with different forms of it.
Below is a list, with definitions, of the different divination workings that are common within the Durþrólinn. This is not a complete list as there are many forms of divination, these focus on sacrifice and blood as the basis.
Alectormancy: Rooster sacrifice
Anthropomancy: Human sacrifice
Aruspicina: Entrails
Cineromancy: Ashes fo specifically sacrificed or ritual fire
Dririmancy: Dripping Blood
Hieromancy: Remains of Sacrificed Entrails
Osteomancy: Bones
Oneiromancy: Dream Interpretation
Theriomancy: Animal Behavior