Pronunciation: Four-lehn-kahl
COMMON NAME: Bone Rattlers, Forlenkal

TYPE: Neutral, Shamanic
Tribal communities, have their own realm.
A large, peaceful realm that is made up of many different tribes of Forlenkal.
Does not pose a danger, but should still be wary in working or approaching unless introduced.
Healer, Shaman, Mentor/Teacher
Osteomancy, Weather Magics, Elemental Magics, Crystals, Herbs, Shamanism, Rituals

The Forlenkal are a hermit race that work as the “shamanic” or “witches” of their realm. They live within the depths of the lands in which they choose to live: Swamps, Forests, Sands, Volcanic, Coastal, etc. This race is known for it’s Neutrality in not just practices but also with their energy. Many races favor one side or the other, but with the Forlenkal this is not the case. Some may prefer or lean, but their energy is inheritantly neutral. The Forlenkal are a solitary bunch that spread throughout their realm.

In fact, while they are of a singular race, they prefer to remain separate from each other, living within Tribes. Some tribes can be smaller than others, usually less than twenty for each. This allows for them to move with ease should they prefer it. Other Tribes live out in the open, preferring larger companies that others. It depends upon the development of the Tribe and the preference. Some solitary Forlenkal are known for the extreme hermitism, where they will confine themselves into solitary existence to further their practices and connection with magics. The Realm has a few races that come to the Forlenkal for their issues and magics, as they are the only one that operate with the magics of their world besides the creatures.




Each year, there is a massive festival where they come together to perform rituals and to reacquaint themselves with another. This occurs on the Earth Equivalent of Winter Solstice or Samhain, alternating between those time frames each year. This Festival become a massive Marketplace where those from different Tribes come together in one massive group. Activities such as trading, bartering, rituals, stories, and even massive hunting groups for the larger prey. The purpose of this is to reconnect with one another as a singular Tribe during those times, celebrating individuality. It is also a time for gaining a mentor for the newer apprentices and those wishing to learn different arts.

The Forlenkal live very basic lives, without technology or other luxury ways of living. Instead, they prefer to keep within the boundaries of nature. They follow a religion, in which the realm itself is their deity. It connects them all and they believe their magics and abilities are gifted from this deity. There are a few that are considered to be Favored, usually having unusual markings or abilities that manifest. The Festival is another way for them to reconnect as One with their deity.

Within their Tribes, they operate with a basic communal culture. There is a Council, usually between one to three Forlenkal as the lawmakers and leaders. From there, you have those who do more ritual workings and healing to the gatherers and hunters. Each has its own role to play within their Tribe. All are considered important, the roles they play. As well, usually there is up to five Forlenkal per Tribe that have specialties outside fo the normal. This can include magics or titles they’ve gained from traveling. Traveling and specialty Forlenkal are ones that are coveted by Tribes, as those add prestige to their Tribes’ worth.

All Forlenkal, when they have gone through an Initiation ritual, begin with a familiar. The Initiation ritual requires them to find and hunt an animal, the most common being birds, snakes, and other creatures. These are the familiars that most work with throughout their life. This is the Familiar Rites. On the occasion, one will acquire a larger familiar, a predator, during their rites which is considered a great honor among their kind. Those with predators, especially larger ones, are considered to be extremely gifted and powerful. In order to obtain a familiar, one must tame one and then sacrifice it for their initiation ritual. When the ritual is complete, the necromantic magics will break down the body of the familiar, leaving behind the magic and the bones.
Throughout their lives, they will work with hose of higher rankings to grow their own abilities and magics. From there, some go into the solitary to delve within the magic itself to learn and develop new skills, rituals, and other aspects of their practice. There are three main aspects of the race that is an overall part of their magics: Necromancy, Osteomantic Magics, and Divination. Within Tribes, there are more specialities related to their workings. Such as:
Swamp & Forest Tribes:
— Work with Crystals and Herbs
Sands & Coastal:
— Work with Weather Magics
Volcanic, Etc:
— Elemental