Pronunciation: Blihz-tahr-rhi
TYPE: Dark, Variety
Bliztar’i is a school that is located in a transitional realm. While solid, it is the interlinking Realm between five other Realms. All of these realms have races and creatures that are able to apply to Bliztar’i Mastery. This realm is smaller, containing only the school and the surrounding areas, such as a town and rural area of residents and travelers.
These are more academic in nature for the lower ranks, but the Masters and higher are practical in their practices. They work and travel through Realms performing their specific Mastery.
FOUR MAJOR MASTERIES: Master Puppeteer, Calduria Summoners, Red Masters, Master Rune Weavers

Bliztar’i is a school of Mastery, situated in a transitional Realm between five other Realms. It is a renowned school for not only it’s selective and ruthless nature of teaching, but of the Master’s that it has produced. All five Realms can send their hopefuls to the school to be tested to see if they would be a fit to learn more from them. The School was founded millennia ago, though most would say that it’s been there for well over ten thousand years or more. Time flows differently within Bliztar’i. It is much faster, therefore time in the Realms around it move at a slower rate. This fast rate allows for those within to learn and experience practicals at a faster pace. They would be gone for a few months within their own realm and gone for a year in Bliztar’i.

Within the School, there are Four Main Tracks. These tracks are ones that you can choose from to learn a Mastery. From there, you can specialize with other things, especially from their own Realm. There are Masters and High Masters from all the Realms with all different specialties, with the Core Four as it is called, being the main.


These are the four main tracks that are taught at the school, all related to the Master Puppeteering. These are highly specialized fields in which each Master Puppeteer uses a form of controlling magic to harness their skills.

While all are called this, the Master Puppeteer track is considered one of the hardest tracks to master. This is due to their use of Soul Magic and Containment Magics. As well as: Crafting, Summoning, Runic, and sometimes Blood. This is a Mastery that has at least 5 other Masteries within it. Those who show talent within Soul, Summoning, and Runic are usually chosen, as the others can be learned.

Master Puppeteers are called this for a specific manner, as they perform a very specialist branch of magic: Marionmancy™

Marionmancy™ is the creation and linking of puppets and the souls within them to puppeteer them through magical means. In order to create and use this, it requires the understanding of Soul Magic, Containment Magic, Summoning, Runic, and Blood Magic. Crafting one’s own containment dolls is considered a normal part of the practice. Purchasing a doll for this purpose is considered to be taboo, although being gifted a custom crafted piece is considered to be an honor. These dolls once imbibed with the soul or spirit, will have sentience to them that the Master Puppeteer can then use for whichever means they desire.

Marionmancy™ is a termed coined by Ysabeau after much research for the purpose to describe this practice in simple terms


This is a specialized program for the summoners, or in our terms: conjurors. Those on the Earth Realm that perform conjuring are able to be qualified for this track, as it is the act of summoning other entities and spirits from Realms beyond.

The name Calduria Summoners comes from a piece of history with the Bliztar’i and the Calduria. Each was a different school in a different Realm. In fact, they were competing Schools for this type of summoning and conjuring, which includes different forms of Necromancy from each Realm. In one of the Revolutions between two Realms, the Caldurian School was destroyed in the process, with an Integration happening with the Bliztar’i school in order to preserve their practice. Now, both have merged into a larger and more complex program. Although, out of Honor, the Calduria Summoner title was retained.

With this, the Calduria Summoner Mastery consists of Summoning and Necromancy. While it is a puppeteer, it is in a different form. The Summoning can be applied to Necromantic workings, and vice versa. Some of the Summonings are for working with Races from other Realms outside of their own. This is through the creation of Summoning Circles and Rituals.


This is considered a “lighter” track, though still intensive. This focuses heavily on Runic and Ritual works. A lot of theory and development go into these tracks, as it is usually the Master Rune Weavers that develop the Runic Circles for Rituals that the other tracks use. They also work with Shielding and Wards.

The Runes taught to these courses include all the Runes and Written magic Scripts from all five realms, as well as those that the Master Teachers have gathered from their travels. Some know up to twenty to thirty different magical scripts, Runic Scripts.

The Master Rune Carvers is a very specific branch that focuses on the development of self-mutilation, scarification, and other ritual workings that include the self or body. This includes working with the Rune and the natural magic within the body to create works of art to enhance the body through Rituals.


This is a very dangerous and sinister Mastery that not many will walk. This is due to the track that it follows. It’s core fundamentals is Blood Magic and Necromancy. Some of the basics involve learning the depths of magic that are carried within the blood. All blood holds DNA and what they have referred to as amDNA, or ancestral magic DNA. It’s inherited traits and learnings that are passed through ancestral lines. The deeper works of this track not only follow the paths within the blood, but the Masters are able to access the information of ancestral bloodlines, therefore able to summon the ancestors into existence, including the starting of a bloodline.

In some realms, this practice is considered sinister due to the belief held about ancestral lines. In some, it is considered a perversion to tap into the magic of the bloodlines to summon the Dead to use for the purpose. On the other hand, others rever the Red Masters for being able to delve within the blood magics to better understand how the workings of magic occur. Some of those who follow a more sinister path have learned how to control a body and therefore a person, with only the use of puppeteer one’s blood.